The Story Behind the Book Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry

I am partial to information that’s useful to people, that can actually change lives. That’s especially true in the areas of personal growth and healing. Whether I’m talking to a group, working with one person, or going deeper into information myself, I prefer useful knowledge and information that is clearly applicable to life. And I want it to be clear how best to apply the knowledge. So when it came to considering writing a book, that was major – it needed to be information that people could use to change their lives for the better. Not just theory, not nice ideas that someone would read and then forget about after putting the book down. I wanted to place information in people’s hands that can potentially transform their lives, so they can experience more freedom and greater happiness.

In working for over twenty years as a psychologist and seminar leader, I’ve seen how there are internal patterns in the challenges people face in trying to reduce high stress and move forward in their lives. Our fast-paced society is more about distraction than connection in many ways, despite the technologies available to “connect.” Most people haven’t been taught how emotions work in the body, or how to connect better with the information our body gives us. Few have had a chance to learn the skills to recognize present from past emotional information when strong feelings show up. Without knowledge of these basic processes in our bodies and minds, it’s easy to get caught in internal traps or patterns without realizing what happened, and then to feel even more stressed and overwhelmed. But this knowledge is just not taught in most of our schools or families. I began to feel that it was important to reach many more people than I could in person with the basics of getting free from internal stress traps and developing lasting calm. I wanted to put that information together in a simple format, and get it out there to as many people as possible, especially with the stress epidemic going on now. Since I work in an integrative way, I wanted to present that approach to people – bringing together the best of science, practical knowledge, and wisdom from both east and west – and put that together in simple, usable ways.

Once I decided to write the book, I wanted to get it out into the world as soon as I could. It was clear that if I went the traditional publishing route it would be a minimum of two years before the book was available, even in the best case scenario. So I researched alternatives, which can be like aiming for moving targets with all of the changes going on in publishing. Since I did want to have a print book as well as electronic and audio versions, I decided to start an independent self-publishing company. I founded Tap Into Freedom Publishing in early 2011, connecting with Lightning Source as the distributor and Ingram as the primary wholesaler. So with that set up, Conscious Calm has an international distributor and is available through the Ingram catalog, as well as in online stores internationally. That way it has a greater reach, and hopefully if people find it useful, the book will have greater longevity too.


Dr. Laura Maciuika is a clinical psychologist, teacher, and transformation mentor. She specializes in transforming old patterns and internal blocks into inner freedom, joy, and success.  Laura is the author of Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry. Follow Laura’s blog at and connect with Laura through Twitter @lauramaciuika,, or at


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