The Story Behind Betrayal and Forgiveness by Linda Armstrong-Miller

In the Bible, the Lord asked that we not make promises unless we are sure that we can keep them. Lisa made a promise and has done everything in her power to keep that promise. a lesson her father needed to learn. Before he was able to practice keeping his promise, he lost the love of his daughter, his best friend, and he was about to lose the love of his son. Time was running out for all of them, but they didn’t know it.

The Story Behind Betrayal and Forgiveness

By Linda Armstrong-Miller

Betrayal and Forgiveness is my second book published but it is the first book written. The title literally tells you that someone or ones will be betrayed and that to get through or over the betrayal one will have to offer forgiveness or ask to be forgiven. The book encourages families to think about the decisions they plan to make; to really think their plans through. See everything that pops into your head as a good ideal is not always so. Also, because you might have seen something similar to what you and your family is going through on TV is not a reason to use that method to solve your family’s problem. What works out on TV may or may not work out in real life. Truth. Telling the truth, no matter how painful, is the best way to make a bad situation better.

The inspiration for Betrayal and Forgiveness comes from the families that I have observed either because I know them or I have read about them in the news. We hear a lot about single moms so for my story, I thought I would work with a single dad and why in his mind he was single. I thought it would be interesting from a man’s view, to find out how he got custody of the children and how he interacted with the children. To do this, I had to give him a boy and a girl.

We all know there are miles and miles of differences when it comes to men and women when it comes to….well everything. Men like to fix things. Being married for almost nineteen years, sometimes I just want my husband to listen, to just let me vent. Bless his heart, wanting to help me; he just has to fix whatever the problem may be. So I gave Sam a problem that a lot of mothers face when they are raising teenage children. I even let him fix it the way I have seen some mothers fix this problem.

Sam was handed a problem he had no idea what to do. He was angry and hurt. He had pushed his best friend away and his mother had died. As a parent he was just winging it. his decision hurt both his children and he hurt himself. To make this hurt easier to deal with, he had to ask his children to forgive him and he had to forgive himself. A hard lesson for him a lesson he would not have had to learn if he had not tried to fix the problem and had just told the truth and kept his promise.


Linda Armstrong-Miller is a retired registered nursed. She leaves in Ga. With her husband Mike and daughter Cayla. Jesus Christ is my Savior. He is the way the truth and the light. I Believe.

Linda’s latest book is Betrayal and Forgiveness.

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