The Story Behind ‘Sleep Magic: Surrendering to Success’ by Victoria Pendragon

The Story Behind ‘Sleep Magic: Surrendering to Success’

By Victoria Pendragon

In the early 90’s I left behind a disease that, two years previously, had been killing me slowly and painfully. The disease is called progressive systemic sclerosis and there is no known cure for it. That I managed to walk away from the experience not just well again but in almost perfect condition, my body reversing 98% of what the disease had wrought, is astounding. When I tell physicians what happened I usually have to produce my medical records in order for them to believe me.

During the worst of the disease, as my body was turning slowly to scar tissue, I was aware that something was going on beneath the surface of my consciousness because while my waking hours were spent in hell, in the few hours of sleep that I could manage, I was in heaven and there was something about that blissful unconsciousness that allowed me embrace what I was going through as high adventure.

Years later, after I was well and functional and out in the world again, I studied to become an ordained minister and a spiritual counselor, hoping to transmit some of the wisdom I’d stumbled across to others in need of healing but I struggled with finding the words to explain the mind change that had, for the most part, happened in my sleep. Not surprisingly, the clarity I needed also came through sleep…and the inspiring words of a man, Louis Caracciola, who gave me a formula to activate my sleeping mind.

Once I had that formula I felt my body shift into gear again, just as it had, all by itself, when I’d been ill. I’ve always been gifted at recognizing how an emotion can have a life of its own, on seeing the shared aspects of seemingly disparate events. I used that skill coupled with Louis’ formula to create a series of instructions for the sleeping mind that would allow someone to effectively re-program the cellular consciousness of his or her body.

I started experimenting with the technique on myself. After seeing the sorts of changes that began happening for me, my husband decided to try it too. Impressed with what was going on, I shared the technique with my clients and, over the course of the next few years, began expanding the scope of the work. The testimonials began pouring in as more of my clients began seeing their lives change for the better.

The last decade has seen a spate of self-help books based on thinking, but thinking does not – cannot – change the information held in the cellular intelligence of the body, information that has been collected over a lifetime, most of it, in the first 5 years of life when the synapses of the brain multiply at a rate that is never seen again, information that sets us up to attract exactly what we have known. This is why children raised in an abusive household so often grow up and create abusive households of their own and why those who have known pure love in their formative years, tend to attract pure love when they are older. It is the well known Law of Attraction at work and it starts, not in the mind, but in the cells of the body.

How could I not want to share this work with the world? Just to keep it to myself, helping a few dozen people at a time, seemed almost criminal. Sleep Magic has been designed as a do-it-yourself program that anyone with a disciplined mindset can use to become more comfortable with who they are and how they are in the world.


About the Author:

Victoria Pendragon was born and raised in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the oldest of eleven. Her life has been defined, as are most of ours perhaps, by conditions that would seem to have been beyond her control. Eighteen years of various sorts of abuse and two diseases that should have killed her rank among the most outstanding of those.

Her study of metaphysics began in early childhood as an attempt to validate the lessons she’d been learning from the earth and the trees whenever she left her body. She has been working as a professional in the field of spirituality since 1995, has read tarot since 1964 and created in 2007, Sacred Earth Seven Element Tarot, a tarot deck designed to bring the world community together.

Victoria began training in art when still a child, eventually acquiring a BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art. Her work hangs in numerous corporate and personal collections, among them The Children’s Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Moss Rehab and Bryn Mawr Hospital Rehab.

She has two children by her first marriage, a son and a daughter, both of whom amaze her. She is currently married to her third husband, a man whose kind soul has created for her an atmosphere of clarity and creativity in which she dances, writes, creates art and helps when asked.

Her latest book is Sleep Magic: Surrendering to Success.

The author may be contacted through her website:



About Sleep Magic: Surrendering to Success

This is a spiritual book that enables you to use your dreams to reprogram your brain to experience healing and to manifest your true self.

New Thought minister Victoria Pendragon developed this program after being diagnosed with progressive systemic sclerosis – a painful, debilitating, disfiguring, and fatal disease.  In the  course of her illness, she developed her “SleepWork” program that contributed to her healing and almost recovery from sclerosis.



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