The Story Behind Fem Dom by Tony Cane-Honeysett

I’m also a filmmaker as well as a writer and Fem Dom was inspired by Mondo Bondo – a documentary I made back in 2008. It was a film about the psychology behind bondage and looked at why some people enjoy being tied up and punished for sexual pleasure. During the filming I interviewed several dominatrices who all said that their clientele consisted of people who held powerful positions in life – lawyers, professors, CEOs – and it seemed they felt a need to relinquish that control for an hour or so on a regular basis to feel a sense of relief, sexually or otherwise.

It made me wonder what it would be like if you were in a seemingly happy relationship with someone who you discovered was secretly seeing a dominatrix. How would you react? What would you do? Would you end the relationship with the person you loved or try to save it? Could you ever trust that person again? These were all questions I wanted to address in Fem Dom with some unexpected twists and turns.

It’s the story of a high-powered ad executive under a lot of stress at work. His wife thinks she has found evidence that he’s behaving badly behind her back and lying about it so she sets out to trap him red-handed in a most unusual way.

By nature of the subject matter, my novel falls into the genre of erotic fiction though I personally don’t consider having flesh-ripping whiplashes to be particularly erotic! It just sounds bloody painful to me but there are many people who feel otherwise and pay good money to be treated so badly.

Along with a group of writers, I helped form Chardonnay Press here in Minneapolis. We are a brand new imprint and will be publishing several novels from various writers in 2013. It’s a very exciting time in book publishing as the playing field has been leveled. Writers are no longer at the dictate of literary agents and big publishing houses who can take months to even respond to a query letter or email let alone read your manuscript.

Since the release of Fem Dom, I’ve directed a 30-minute film, titled Mistreated, which is really 3-4 chapters of the book condensed into a fast-paced film. Mistreated will premiere at the Twin Cities Film Fest in October and it’s a film I’m very pleased with as the story works extremely well and the actors involved put in some stellar performances. Of course, I’d love to direct the entire story of Fem Dom as a full-length feature but that’ll take some serious financial input!


Tony Cane-Honeysett is an Emmy Award winning writer and filmmaker. His documentary work includes The Royal Academy and Mondo Bondo. A graduate of Ealing College of Art & Design in England, Tony was the recipient of the Individual Artist Fellowship awarded by The Tennessee Arts Commission in 2006. He has worked professionally as a copywriter in advertising for over 20 years in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville and Minneapolis. Tony was born in London, England.

His latest book is the fiction erotica, Fem Dom.

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