Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour – Author Kelly Preston

Name: Kelly Preston

Real Dogs Don’t Whisper Book Tour

Name of Book: Real Dogs Don’t Whisper

Guest Post for The Story Behind the Book:

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Hi, allow me to introduce myself; I am Kelly Preston, author of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper  this is my first book and I am still surprised at myself that I took a vision and made it possible.  It all started one morning in December 2010, I had a “light bulb” moment that I wanted to share an incredible, rewarding journey with special need pets.  The goal was to inspire the audience that no matter what may face us, with determination, unconditional love and support from others; and, opening your heart to allow love in when not expected, amazing and priceless outcomes will occur.

Once I determined the goal and the reason why I wanted to write this book, it took a little over a year to complete.  I can’t even begin to share how many times I had to go back and redo, delete, pace back and forth; and, start over again.  What I was finding that I was writing too much and it was too heavy, I needed to find a way to lighten up the content and add humor to a serious subject.  I looked at my one dog, Mr MaGoo, my spunky Lhasa Apso and knew at that point he would be my co-author.  After months of reworking the chapters, adding Mr MaGoo’s flavor, I was pleasantly surprised with the finished work.  In fact, I am delighted to read the reviews that I receive; of course Mr MaGoo has now a strong fan base and his fans want more, which I am happy to share, they will see more of his writing in 2013.


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