The Story Behind Spring Break by LC Kanon

ImageI think everyone remembers a time when they were bullied in high school. For guys this is pretty straightforward, someone throws you into a locker or pushes you in the hall. For girls, it’s much different. The bullying we face is often social. Women don’t fight physically; our weapons of choice are rumors and social humiliation. It makes for a toxic “mean girls” stew and can certainly scar a person for life.

What many people don’t realize is these “popular” girls don’t have it much better. If high school taught me anything, it’s that rich, spoiled girls can be just as nasty to their friends as they can be to the “weird” girls in class. The social pitfalls of being in this coveted clique can be incredible stressful. It was an idea that formed the basis for my new novel Spring Break.

I thought about some of the cruelest, most popular girls I knew and how often they cannibalized their own for a bit of fun. The term “frienemies” took on a new meaning, and when I was thinking about writing the book a few high profile bullying cases were in the headlines. In each of the cases, the victim knew their tormentor. Being in the popular clique was not a permanent position, and I became obsessed with the idea of a mean girls clique letting loose on spring break.

So I dreamed up a story about four girls who went to a university in Arizona. I thought about these beautiful, insecure girls and took them on a crazy spring break. I put them in a suite and gave them lots of booze. The next step was to see how these bad girls would react when they were challenged by very real cartel violence, so I introduced them to a few cartel kingpins. You’ll have to read the book to find out the rest, but let’s just say tensions between the girls reach a breaking point and a few of them don’t make it back home.

Spring Break is really about how people act under pressure. And the stress of being in the popular clique eventually snaps these girls in half. Thanks for reading…


LC Kanon is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has lived and worked in various locations across the country. A first-time author, LC was driven to write after reading far too many thrillers with damsels in distress. Compelled to meld the drama of chick lit with action and suspense, LC began writing and never stopped. Her first book, “Spring Break,” mixes coeds and cartels in a bloody romp through Mexico. When she’s not writing, LC enjoys watching kung fu, taking long drives, and walking along sandy beaches.

To purchase Spring Break, click here.

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