The Story Behind No Time for Love by JB Miller

I was inspired to write No Time For Love after seeing so many of my friends do their best to balance a family, work and an attempt at a love life. I wanted women everywhere to know that they too could find love, even when and where they least expected it.

No Time for LoveEvery year my family drives from San Francisco to Colorado to ski. I love those long drives. I do my best thinking when I am in motion and driving is the perfect venue. During one of our adventures I began to dream about a protagonist who could barely keep it together, had hilarious supporting characters around her and who finds love even though she has no time or inclination to look for it. I wanted to write a light, fun story that women could actually relate too. Yes, I wanted outrageous, but not so outrageous that you couldn’t believe it. I came up with the story line and the characters during that drive.

It took me a few years to write my book because I also have a family and run my own business, so scheduling writing time was a challenge. I found that I was able to make great headway during winter months when I could flip on the fireplace very early in the morning or late at night, cuddle up with a cup of tea and jump into the fictional world of my novel. I finally finished the book after enlisting an editing expert to be my extra set of eyes and making a third pass at the manuscript.

Next, I spent several months contacting agents and publishers until I finally found a publisher that I loved and who believed in aspiring authors. I have a relative who also started out with a publishing deal before he got an agent, and he has done extremely well, so I followed suit.

I begin my book signing tour this month (January, 2013) and have already sold many copies. You can read a few reviews of my novel on

I also published a non fiction book in November. HIRED! shows job seekers how to find a job in today’s economy. My business is running an Executive Search firm so I have many years of experience helping people.

I am working on another romantic comedy and hope to have the novel out in early 2014. I am also writing a volume of short stories that are a combination of truth and fiction. They address mysteries we have always wondered about. I am having such fun researching the truth behind these wonderments and will be adding some thrilling elements to bring the stories to a crescendo.


00J.B. Miller is a published author of fiction, non-fiction, award-winning poetry, music, and numerous articles and blogs. No Time For Love is her first novel. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

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