The Story Behind The Bluelite Message by Michael An’gileo

ImageTHE BLUELITE MESSAGE: Painted upon the Sky
What would happen if God sent a message to all humanity by painting it upon the sky? From New York to Mumbai this message would be seen and human hearts would be moved. People would come together, realizing our like destiny and the power and majesty of the One greater than all living things. Could this actually be?
THE BLUELITE MESSAGE, a book now traveling the world, published last year and now available on Amazon US, UK, and Europe, was inspired by this very conjecture.
As the book’s author, I had been witness to a sparkling, blue light since my early childhood. I remember once walking past a hardware store, alone, one chilly night, and noticing the blue radiance from the neon-clad window. It seems this message of blue was constantly there, speaking to me, reminding me of my spiritual origins. It is said that Michael the Archangel is the custodian of the blue light, I imagine parted from the darkness the 2nd Day of Creation. This is relevant in today’s world because we sit on the threshold of The Aquarian Age. This new, long-awaited Era is introduced colorfully in my book, and my growing knowledge of its historic import pushed me night after night to complete THE BLUELITE MESSAGE and offer it to the world. An author’s inspiration comes from many places. In my case, The Story Behind The Book is my own experience with this radiant light energy, a tireless friend to us all, which holds the intelligence and love to paint a New Era both upon the sky and upon human minds. 

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Michael An’gileo


Michael An’gileo feels uniquely blessed to share a message of love received after the unexpected death of his own father. Visited by a blue, sparkling light since early childhood, he later realized this is the Universal guiding light residing in every human being: it only needed to be awakened. The Bluelite Message was published, and today its universal message of infinite love is opening human hearts around the world. Michael An’gileo was born in Kenmore, New York, graduated from USC, and is widely regarded as a preeminent visionary and story-teller about a coming Golden Age for our planet.

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