The Story Behind KHOST, by Vincent Hobbes

Khost is the creation of two men: Vincent Hobbes and A.K. Waters. Khost is a military horror novel, inspired by actual events. Khost is a real place, a province on the far eastern border of Afghanistan—a place of war, a place of death.

1 Khost CoverIt’s 1984, and the Soviet Union is locked in a bitter war in Afghanistan against the Mujahideen. To make matters worse, they are losing. With little hope left, and all odds against them, the Soviet Union grows desperate. In response, they create an exotic chemical weapon with a single purpose: To enhance their soldiers on the battlefield.

To test their creation, a secret mission is underway, and they test it on a Mujahideen hold-out, a massive cave complex on the far eastern border of Afghanistan. It is known as the province of Khost.

But this experiment goes awry, and the men and women inside the cave mutate into something far greater than a human. Something sinister, something deadly.

The story skips forward to 2010. The United States is now at war in Afghanistan. The Americans are fighting many of the same foes, and the US is struggling against the guerrilla style tactics of the Afghani fighters. It is especially intense in the far eastern province of Khost.

To make matters worse, an elite team of Delta Force Operators have gone missing. There remains a lone survivor: Sergeant C. York. He is discovered alone and wandering the deserted region, found to be rambling like a madman. His story is unbelievable. Sergeant York describes a horrifying tale, a nightmare that has been awakened after two decades.

In response, a top-secret CIA team is brought in. They are members of the elite Special Activities Division, the best of the best. Made up of Delta Force, DEVGRU and a famous Marine sharpshooter, they face sheer terror as they are sent in to do one thing: Kill everything inside the cave.


Vincent Hobbes has been writing most of his life. In 2004, he founded Hobbes End Publishing. Intent on creating a fiction publishing company, that dream took some time. Instead, he produced annual reports, business plans, and published the self-help book, Feeling Your Way to Happiness, by Chris Norton.

In 2007, Vincent sold the company to current president, Jairus Reddy. Since then, he’s focused his efforts in writing and producing books full time.

2 VincentHobbes_02Later that same year, his first novel, The Contrived Senator, was released. He wrote it alongside authors Jordan Benoit and Nathan Palmer. In 2008, the second book of the series, Exiles, was published. In 2009, the third installment, Plight of the Warrior, was released.

Then, in 2010, Vincent Hobbes teamed up with 11 other amazing authors, and released the first volume of The Endlands, a short story anthology with 17 mind-bending stories.

Vincent recently finished producing the second volume of The Endlands, as well as producing the novel, Progeny, by author Patrick C. Greene. Both were released in 2012. Vincent’s novel, Khost, was released late the same year. It is currently being considering for production in Hollywood.

Vincent’s upcoming titles include: Seal Team 2025, Betrayal, The Blue Bus and Charms Indigo.

Vincent resides in North Texas with his wife and German short-haired pointer.



Twitter: @HobbesEnd



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