The Story Behind Shadows Over Paradise, by Anne K. Edwards

shadowsoverparadise_med1During my growing-up years, most of the fiction available to a girl and young woman showed the female as a needy type, a cypher who could not make decisions on her own, a person who could not stand on her own feet as an individual and the male characters were usually impossibly strong and handsome and always right or evil to the core without reality. I was always left with the feeling of incompleteness in those characters.  I wanted to read fictional stories about women able to make their own decisions, right or wrong, able to act like a real human being since I knew in real life women often had to take on responsibilities that made them strong and they were nothing like the needy types found so often in fiction. I wanted to read about ordinary looking heroes who might be slightly flawed, men who would consider it unnecessary to dominate a woman with physical force. Back then it was common for the hero to spank the female and then she’d fall into his arms. I knew what those beatings felt like and I did not love the man after one. There was no reality in those stories and this is why I try to create real people of all ages and both sexes who would seem real and continue to exist into the future. This is the factor that impressed itself into my thinking as I wrote Shadows Over Paradise. I tried for reality in the characters in their actions and reactions to each other and the events that affected their lives during the time period of the story.  


Anne K. Edwards has authored and coauthored books in several different genres. She loves to read and always has a book at hand when she travels or knows she will be waiting in the vet’s office when one of her cats must go in for a shot. She reviews some books for online press authors, writes occasional articles and short stories, enjoys meeting people. In writing a book, she says it is like following a road never traveled before, from the outset meeting new people and sharing some part of their lives as they try to resolve a problem. She loves ideas that offer something different in experience to the author as well as the reader. Currently, Anne is working on a new mystery novel, second in the “Death” series, to follow Death on Delivery.

Visit her website at 

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