The Story Behind The Controlled by Becky Komant

It is a question that I am asked time and time again… Who or what inspired you to write The Controlled.  Life itself is a journey.  It is full of dreams, obstacles and life lessons.

The ControlledIt is really hard for me to pin point exactly where I got my inspiration for this book. I could not say it was one event that happened or one moment in time. In my journey I have been fortunate enough that many wonderful individuals have crossed my path. Some have only been around for a specific reason, while others are still here.  I believe each person that enters our life either teaches us something, motivates us, or is there for comfort and friendship.

My children inspire me the most.  Their carefree nature, laughs, tears, and the love that they give me every day. They make me want to work harder and follow through on my dreams.  I want to be a positive role model for them, so in one sense, they inspire me to never give up.  I always try to teach that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I knew if I started writing, I would hold a book in my hand.  Something that I could use a tool to prove hard work and not giving up pays off.

I have experienced many different life situations, both directly and indirectly, that led me to write The Controlled.  Having seen people go through life’s struggles and having to deal with my own personal ones, I wanted to write something that people could relate to.  As a fitness and life coach I help others. That is truly my passion.  Watching my clients evolve on different levels, both physical and emotional, is huge inspiration. The combination of all of these things motivated me to finally pick up the pen and weave it all into a story.  Even though The Controlled is an adult suspense thriller, I feel that it can inspire others.  In the end, I am inspired by life.


Becky Komant 3Becky Komant was born and raised in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.  Spending most of her childhood years outdoors and playing sports, Becky’s passion for fitness was ignited.  Working at a gym at the age of 16, she then went on to an advertising position at a local newspaper following high school.  Soon after, Becky started her family and wanted to be more involved with her children.  It was then that Becky followed her passion and founded a successful private training studio.   Realizing that being a trainer was much more than just helping people physically, this lead her in the direction of becoming a certified life coach.  Because of her fitness and life coaching career, Becky always envisioned writing a book.  Overtime and thought, it evolved into her first novel, The Controlled. With more writing on the horizon, she hopes to inspire others on many levels. Becky continues to reside in Kelowna with her family.

Her latest book is the adult suspense thriller, The Controlled.

Learn more about Becky at

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