the story behind ‘crypto’ by James Stone

At one point in my career as a security engineer, I had access for some months to operational intelligence of the highest order. It scared me half to death. I had nightmares for months about nuclear bombs falling – on me, of course. I’d come home from work and scour the news for any indication of awareness. Never a hint. The crisis would ratchet up daily for a couple of weeks, and then someone would blink, and this crisis would fade away, only to be replaced by another. After a while, I realized this was a process of testing for weak spots in the opposition. Nobody INTENDED to go to war. The danger was miscalculation. It was at that time I got the idea for Crypto and promised myself I’d write it someday when the stars aligned. I’m newly retired from the security world, the Russians and Chinese are resurgent, not even to mention the Middle East. One big difference seems to be a propensity to conduct diplomacy in public and by leak, which seems to me to increase risk. Anyway, that’s the way the stars have aligned for me. The result is Crypto. I hope I’ve captured the atmosphere of crisis and horror of what, at least in the past, seemed to be the rule and wrapped it in a good mystery-suspense with a dollop of romance as flavor.



Title: Crypto

Genre: Mystery/Adventure

Author: James Stone

Website: None

Publisher: Twilight Times Books

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Dr. Stone has a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, and numerous international certifications in computer security. He has worked at NSA, NASA, and the Department of Defense in various capacities, as well as having been a professor of engineering at a major university.-He recently retired from engineering and plans to devote himself to writing.

Dr. Stone is originally from Arkansas, discovered his wife while at the University, married her while in college, and has never regretted a moment of their lives together. They currently live in Arizona, have two grown sons (one with a Ph.D. in computer engineering and the other is a clinical psychologist and director of a clinic at a major university medical college). Between the two of them, there are five grandchildren, three of them triplets.

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