The Story Behind Phoenix: The Beauty in Between by Lilliana Anderson

My inspiration came from readers of my Beautiful series. They met Paige in ‘A Beautiful Forever’ and were so involved in her story that they wanted to know more about her past.

Phoenix 3If Phoenix is the first book you have picked up from my Beautiful series – fear not – you don’t need to have read any of the others.

Phoenix follows the life of Paige when she is ejected from her home, by an uncaring mother and father, at the impressionable age of fifteen.

Paige is based on so many people and events that I have witnessed in my time.

I grew up in one of the poorer areas of Sydney. I’ve seen girls with so much hope and potential, make colossal, life altering decisions that have ruined every chance they had at improving their lot in life.

I have also seen women who have battled the odds, every step of the way, and come out on top – victorious – to show those that doubted them that they were worth something more than a stereotype.

Paige is one of those girls. She makes mistakes, but she fights to survive and make a life for herself. I was compelled to tell her story.

I was so involved with her character, that I wrote this novel at breakneck speed. I couldn’t get my fingers to type fast enough, so I would sit up late at night, until my eyes couldn’t focus anymore and work on her tale.

Luckily, I have a very dedicated team of beta and proof readers, who got back to me quickly with wonderful feedback each time I called on them.

Being self-published, I have to organize all of my assistance myself. So it does take a lot of time away from actual writing. But in the end, I find that it’s well worth the effort, as I have complete control over my promotions and pricing.

Why did I choose self-publishing? Well, I didn’t really feel that I had a choice when I wrote my first book. I hadn’t discovered all of the small presses out there at that point, and I was looking into how you get published by some of the big traditional publishing houses.

They were all asking for submissions to come via agents, and agents were asking for manuscripts to be vetted before they are sent in. When I worked this out, it was going to cost me thousands of dollars I didn’t have.

Somehow, I happened upon an article about self-publishing, and I felt that it would be the ideal way for me to get my stories out there. I researched like mad, and dove in head first.

Miraculously, in the enormous pile of books that are published every month, mine got discovered. And I’ve been riding the wave ever since.

While I have been approached by smaller presses, I’m holding out for one of the big companies to come knocking on my door. I’m happy doing my own thing until then.


Lilliana AndersonBestselling Author of the A Beautiful Series, Alter and the Confidante Trilogy, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer.

Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters as well as a biographical trilogy based on an ex-Sydney sex worker, named Angelien.

Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it’s outback and tries to show characters in more of a city setting.

When she isn’t writing, she wears the hat of ‘wife and mother’ to her husband and four children.

Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.

Originally from Sydney’s Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.

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