The Story Behind Save JFK: A Mission Thru Time by Armando Pazos

Save JFKThis is really an amazing story. Everything started one morning in autumn of 2009, when I was driving on I-276, from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. By the time I was crossing the bridge over the Delaware River, it was pouring and lightings were pitchforked in the sky, when suddenly an idea hit me like a thunder. “What happen if a lighting strike right in front of my car and a time portal opens taken me back in time” Wow that’s a good idea, I thought, so let’s put it in the parking lot, could be a good idea for a book.

Then almost a year past and I didn’t have any solid idea to combine with my experience that day on that bridge, until one day before Christmas 2010, I had a dream; what a dream if I may say, so vivid that seemed absolutely real. I was in the oval office, seated by the resolute desk, talking to none other than President John F. Kennedy, it was only a few days before his trip to Texas and I was practically begging him not to go to Dallas, because he will be assassinated there, but he didn’t believe me. I was trying to convince him, but nothing that I say seemed to at least consider my warning.

The next morning, I awake so disturbed. President Kennedy has been always one of my idols, since I was a kid and his assassination, when I was a week short of my seven birthday, left such an impact on me, that I always wondered, what if he didn’t die that day, how our lives could be, even today. So I took that as a message and I said to myself, Armando, you have to write about this.

Then, I combine the idea of time traveling with the possibility of save President Kennedy. So I created the character of Jack Randolph, a second generation of secret service agents; his father was on Kennedy’s detail that day in Dallas. Then, the rest is on the book.

Knowing that it was a controversy surrounded Kennedy’s assassination I started my research and after almost one year, I finished the novel on December 2011.

That’s how “Save JFK: A Mission thru Time” became a reality.


A retired officer of the Peruvian Navy, Armando Pazos immigrated to California in the 80s and became a U.S. citizen. Inspired by his passion for history, he began writing fantasy action/adventure for teens and adults in 2002. He is the author of three novels for teens — The Keymaster & the Music Box and The Ghost & the Sailor Chest, both fantasy/action-adventure stories for boys featuring Andy Logan, and a fairy tale, The Blind Princess. His historical fantasy/thriller for adults, Save JFK: A Mission thru Time, featuring time-traveling Secret Service agent Jack Randolph, is an e-book original on Amazon. The father to three children and a stepdaughter, he is married and now lives in New Jersey.


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