The Story Behind Make Freelancing REALLY Pay by Daisy McCarty

In early 2013, I was enjoying a successful freelance career. I had been creating content for clients for more than five years, and I felt that the time had come to write a book of my own. While I was mulling over ideas, I attended a talk by another local freelance Make Freelancing Really Paywriter. I wanted to ask this presenter some questions about the self-publishing process since I knew she had written several books of her own.

Instead, I sat and listened in horror as this freelance professional told her audience how tough it is to work as a freelancer. She complained about the lack of good opportunities and the steep competition that drives down prices. The speaker revealed that she barely made enough money to pay the bills—she even said she was about to lose her house. I don’t think the audience was expecting to hear a de-motivational speech, but that’s what they got.

I was quite surprised. I had researched this freelancer’s work history on one of the major freelancing platforms. She had been in business as long as I had, she was a really excellent writer, and her clients all left her glowing feedback. On the surface, it seemed like she should have no trouble landing plenty of high paying clients. Yet here she was, still scraping to get by no matter how hard she worked.

I call this moment my “depressing inspiration.” I decided that it was time for this audience to hear about the happier side of freelancing—and how to get there. A month later, I was standing before that same group and giving a talk of my own on how to really make a living doing freelance work. Since the attendees represented a wide range of creative professional fields, I shared advice that made sense for all freelancers.

The feedback I received from my audience was overwhelmingly enthusiastic—they wanted more. In fact, they wanted to know when I would publish a book sharing even more of my strategies. That’s when I knew for sure that “Make Freelancing REALLY Pay” was a book that needed to be written.


Daisy McCartyDaisy McCarty is a self-educated writer and co-founder of Freelance Text, a professional services firm that specializes in web content creation. Since transitioning out of a seven year career in Corporate Procurement in 2008, Daisy has been using her negotiating skills to navigate to the higher levels of the online writing industry. Today, she mentors informally at Professional Freelancers Network, and offers formal one-on-one consulting services to freelancers who are ready to increase their income.

Her latest book is Make Freelancing REALLY Pay: Communication and Negotiation Strategies That Take You to the Top.

You can read Daisy’s blog and get more great freelancing advice at


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