The Story Behind Rising Leviathan by Austin Dragon

Rising LeviathanRising Leviathan is the third book in my After Eden science fiction and international thriller series.

The saga continues in the year 2096 with the inexplicable death of the Russian president. Or was it murder? As one leader falls, a deadly power rises. Will there be war or more than one? The march to the explosion of World War III continues—the first global war of the Tek Age, a hell we have never seen before.

Science fiction as a genre may not have the prestige and audience of mystery crime thrillers or romance but its close. Almost all science fiction these days is in the dystopian category; the wonderful future we are all waiting for never does come, only lots of bad things.

My After Series does a few unique things. Firstly, it attempts to directly link our modern times to the future depicted in the books—our culture, politics, religion, and technology. Secondly, the only future that truly exists is the present that we make. In the series, people have smart-cars that drive themselves, smart-houses that do the cooking and cleaning for you, robotic pets, and the ability to “grow” body parts for accident victims; but it also has drone surveillance everywhere and “friendly” police storm troopers. There is no racism (the concept of race no longer exists) but there’s plenty of classism (directed at those who live outside the tek-cities) and bigotry (directed at religious people). The future is what we make it; no one else will do it for us. Thirdly, it shows as much as things change, things stay the same. People are still people, good, bad and in-between. What has changed for us in this time are our “toys,” our technology. People are the same as today, though they do believe they are superior to all preceding generations.

The series is also kind of an anthology. We know where it ends—the explosion of World War III, but before we get there we get to spend time with different individuals and groups that we know will play a key part in this global battle. We learn about the culture norms of this time, the political and religious conflicts, the ubiquity of the technology, and how governments and nations do both great things and evil things, just like today.

The series, in addition to the weighty themes and provocative subjects, is also a lot of fun. It is after all an action-adventure thriller too.


(The After Eden Series includes: Thy Kingdom Fall (#1), Stars and Scorpions (#2) and the latest Rising Leviathan (#3).


Austin Dragon’s After Eden Series includes Thy Kingdom Fall (Book #1), Stars and Scorpions (Book #2) and soon-to-be-released Rising Leviathan (Book #3). He is a native New Yorker, but has called Los Angeles, California home for the last twenty years. Words to describe him, in no particular order: U.S. Army; English teacher; one-time resident of Paris; political junkie; movie buff; campaign manager and staffer of presidential and gubernatorial campaigns; Fortune 500 corporate recruiter; renaissance man; dreamer.


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