The Story Behind Tactics, Trends, and Traits of the Enemy By Jermaine Gadson

The background from which the book, Tactics, Trends, and Traits of the Enemy, has evolved comes from my own personal life experience and from the lives of many persons that I have encountered in my over a decade experience as a minister. I have found that many of us, including myself, experience grief, heartache, disappointment, struggles, and pain unnecessarily.  The truth is that life is full of these things.  If you live long enough you will experience hardship and difficulty.  The question then becomes, how do we deal with these trials when they occur?Tactics, Trends and Traits of the Enemy Cover

I have discovered that much of my own struggles, as well as the struggles of those around me, that I would categorize as unnecessary are those that have in the end been found to be spiritual in nature.  In other words, the hardship is not simply because of a natural cause, bad decision, poor economy, etc., but the presence of a real spiritual adversary that desires to keep people from walking in their destiny and fulfilling God’s original purpose for their lives.

One of the examples that I talk about in the book is an experience that I had when the church that I grew up in endured a church split when I was in my early teens.  I accepted Christ years prior, so I was already a born-again Christian.  However, this experience left me bitter and angry.  A breakthrough came, when I had the experience of what felt like a heavy burden being lifted off my shoulders. There was nothing physically on my back, but when I had this experience it was like a spiritual weight came off of me, that was so strong that I physically felt it when it was lifted. This bitterness that I unknowingly was holding on to was a trick of the enemy to keep me from walking in the love of God towards others and the will of God for my life.

The inspiration to put this information in written form actually came from studies that I have conducted over the past two years in the area of spiritual warfare and adversity.  Much of the main ideas and concepts presented in the book are based on teaching and discussions that began in our local church as we studied these concepts and ideas together. People are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.  When we understand the root cause of a problem, situation, or circumstance we will be able to deal with it more effectively.  So many people live defeated lives because they have been tricked to believe a lie.  The lie is that life is supposed to be hard, filled with pain, loss, fear, etc.  When we believe this, we lose hope for a better future, and accept the status quo of our Jermaine Gadson full photolives without actively pursuing something better. The subtitle of the book is “Equipping the Believer to Fight Back,” because I believe when we have the right knowledge and understanding about the spiritual obstacles that are in our way we will be better equipped to take charge of our lives, and overcome every challenge that comes against us.


Jermaine Gadson is the founding pastor of Faith Ministries, Inc. in Birmingham, AL.  He earned a B.A. in Religion with a concentration in Congregational Studies and a minor in Classics from Samford University in Birmingham, AL., and a Master of Divinity degree from Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. He is a native of Birmingham, AL. He is married to Kristy, and they have a two year old daughter, Khloe. He enjoys reading, writing, being outdoors, sports, and movies. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree and hosts a local weekly television broadcast called Interceding for the City.  He blogs on church leadership, Christian living, and spiritual warfare at

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