The Story behind ‘Tanner Builds a Block Tower’ by Anita Banks

Tanner Builds a Block Tower comes from a visit with my grandson, he loved to build towers with his blocks. On a particular visit when he was about three, we would go outside and explore everything he could get his hands on. He especially liked bugs. I was totally inspired by his fascination and determination. Combining those two activities seemed a natural fit and become the focus of a story idea.

About that time, I enrolled in a Savvy Authors online workshop called Walking on a Rainbow, a Fiction Picture Book Workshop with Mayra Calvani. This was the story that I created in that class. The instruction, feedback and encouragement that I received was instrumental in pushing me to seek publication and allowing myself to believe that I could become a published author.


Anita 2

Title:  Tanner Builds a Block Tower

Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, ages 3-6

Author:  Anita Banks


Publisher: Wee Creek Press


About the book:  Tanner is determined to build a tower with his blocks. Despite the distractions of the garden’s various animals and losing his blocks on the way, Tanner joyfully shows determination and perseverance.


About the author:  Anita Banks harbored her secret of writing since she was in junior high school where the desire took seed in a creative writing class. She still journaling, reading, running and traveling, but nothing compares to playing with her grandchildren.

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