The Story Behind The Soul of the Sun by Genevieve Crownson #YA #paranormal

Inspiration for my novel, The Soul of the Sun came from a dream. I have these incredibly detailed dreams that unfold before me as a movie. Usually I am the observer, but I always understand and feel everything that each person in the dream is experiencing. The sense of time and place is always very vivid and real. I will often wake up in the middle of the night and scribble it all down in my journal before I forget any of its The Soul of the Sun 7content. It provides a large portion of the plot. Later I will go back and infuse particular elements into the story as needed. Occasionally, I will have another dream that will help provide a missing piece, or provide more clarity.

The final ending of The Soul of the Sun was changed because I had a dream with an amazing twist that led right into the second book in the Argos Dynasty Trilogy, The Power of Alchemy.

Once I had finished the manuscript for The Soul of the Sun I decided that I couldn’t wait and I wanted to put my book out there right away, so I self-published. I had no understanding of how much work was involved in getting books into print and onto e-readers. It was a steep learning curve, but well worth it. Once my novel was out there for sale, I was able to start building an author platform that I continue to build upon each day.

You will definitely don many hats, and your journey is just beginning after you finish your manuscript. Don’t be afraid to market. Let people see what you have to offer this world, and go out and make a difference. I was very intimidated by marketing at the onset but now I’ve realized it’s a great way to connect with other novelists. It can be fun, just be open.

My best advice, do not try to follow a trend or write something that you think will be popular. Write stories that mean something to you. Because your readers will notice if what you put on the page is really a truth or something forced. Be genuine and success will follow.


Genevieve CrownsonGenevieve Crownson graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors of Science degree. A love of writing led her to pen her debut novel, The Soul of the Sun. This is book one in her highly anticipated trilogy, The Argos Dynasty. She currently lives in beautiful Charleston, SC with her family and beloved four-legged friends.

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