The Story Behind Will Your Dog Reincarnate? by Gail Graham

When my dog Bao died, I was devastated. He was all I had in the world, and I loved him so much. In the days after his death, I was very aware of his psychic presence, and I somehow “knew” that he would reincarnate and come back to me.  In fact, I felt he was already on his way.

I am a left-brained, retired Professor of Management, and not given to fanciful thoughts like these. I actually Will Your Dog Reincarnatethought I was losing my mind. But it was so strong, this “knowledge” Bao was coming back to me.  Instead of fighting it, I went along with it.  I listened in a way I’d never listened before.  I cherished his psychic presence. It was all I had left. People urged me to do things to “get my mind off Bao” but I didn’t want to. The more I thought about him, the stronger his psychic presence seemed to become.

When I discovered that hundreds of other people had experienced exactly the same things I was experiencing, I was both relieved (I wasn’t going crazy after all!) and intrigued.  Reincarnation depends upon karma, and karma is continually changing. People who have a strong karmic bond with their dog can actually help their dog find his (or her) way back. Their love is like a guiding light.

I knew Bao was coming back to me. But how would I find him? How would I even know where to look?  One coincidence led to another. (Of course, Jung says there are no coincidences)  Two months after his death, Bao was reborn as a puppy in a beautiful litter of Shih Tzus. I saw him when he was 10 days old and he knew me immediately. When he was old enough to come home, he literally walked back into his life as if he had never left it.

I usually write novels, but I had to tell this story. So I put the novel I was writing aside, and worked on this. It was a difficult book to write, because I was trying to describe things that many people would call delusions. Yet I know I wasn’t crazy. I know what happened to me. I know what I felt. And I wanted to share my knowledge with other people who’d lost a beloved, companion animal.

My seven previous books were published traditionally, but I chose to self publish this one because I didn’t want to go through the endless, humiliating ordeal of finding an agent and I also didn’t want to wait two years to see the book in print.

Perhaps this happened to me for a reason. Perhaps I was meant to tell this story. I don’t pretend to know. But I do know that nothing like this ever happened to me before. It is amazing. It is incredible. It is wonderful. And if it could happen to me, it can happen to anyone.


Gail GrahamGail Graham is the author of seven other books, published both in the United States and in Australia, where she lived and worked as a journalist, editor and academic for 32 years.

Her novel Crossfire has been translated into French, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish and was awarded one of Germany’s most prestigious literary prizes, the Buxtedhude Bullen. Her non-fiction depiction of devastating head injury, A Long Season In Hell, was launched by Australian parliamentarians in Canberra. Her best-selling recent novel, Sea Changes, was a USA Book News Best Books Award Finalist. Three of her books have been NY Times Best Book of the Year Recommendations.

Gail reads, writes and speaks Chinese and has presented classes on Chinese art and history at the Institute for Retired Professionals (University of Miami) the ArizonsSeniorAcademy, the Tucson Museum of Art and The Learning Curve, Tucson. She and her reincarnated dog Xingxing divide their time between Arizona and Mexico.

Her latest book is Will Your Dog Reincarnate?

Visit her website at Connect with her on Twitter at @dogsreincarnate.

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