The Story behind ‘Wishes and Sorrows’ by Cindy Lynn Speer

perf6.000x9.000.inddThe story behind my short story collection, Wishes and Sorrows, is the story of me.  I started writing this collection when I was in college, and what I felt was important in college was different from what is important to me now.  There is more literary darkness in those stories…I was an English Major, and my stories were influenced by Dickens and Chopin, and Poe and so many others.

And though these stories are darker, I was more optimistic, then.  I did not mind darkness, because I had not seen as much of it.

Then, you get to the time I got divorced, which happened to coincide with my discovery of Neil Gaiman.  His influence encouraged me to look at the old stories in a new light…what really happened to the girl from Charles Perrault’s “The Fairies”?   Can you really live with roses and diamonds coming out of your mouth?  What kind of life is that?

I healed, but I wandered away from literary darkness.  I still loved re-told fairy tales, and so I decided to try another…to answer a question about the women in the Blue Beard/Mr. Fox stories (Why, with all the beautiful and awesome things in this house that you can have, why, oh why do you have to go through the one door he forbids you to?)  and write a story about a woman who is willing to live dangerously for love.

Now, the person I am is quieter than the person that I was.  Settled, more, but still striving to achieve my dreams.  I want strong stories, but sometimes my desire for redemption, my hatred of regret, peek through a little.

The truth is…well, my truth is the above, but the important truth, your truth if you are the reader, is that these are a slew of different stories.  They’ve been collected over the years, inspired by things like a story on TV about a Grey Lady haunting a castle (Why is she haunting is?  What is life like for her?)  Fairy tales (Why are there a million different versions of Cinderella?  Did the fairy god-mother just keep screwing up?) and even a ride on a train.  Sometimes a narrator will come and sit down in my head and start telling me a story, and sometimes the story comes in images.

You will not love every story in the book.  But I think there is something in the book to reach out to every heart.

And that is all I can think of to say about it, really.


Title:  Wishes and Sorrows

Genre:  Short Stories, Fantasy, Fairy Tales

Author:  Cindy Lynn Speer


Publisher:  Dragonwell Publishing

Purchase from Dragonwell and Amazon 

About Wishes and Sorrows:

“Richly ambitious” — Publishers Weekly

For every wish there is a sorrow…

Wishes are born from sorrows, blessings are sometimes curses, and even fairy godmothers cannot always get what they want. In this original collection, Cindy Lynn Speer, the author of “The Chocolatier’s Wife”, brings to life creatures of myths and tales, mixing them into a vibrant tapestry of stories, happy and sad, magical and real, each lovingly crafted and sure to touch the reader’s soul.

Step into the world where magic is real, and every mundane bit of reality is as magical as a true fairy tale.


n603087527_2141Cindy Lynn Speer is the author of several novels, including The Chocolatier’s Wifeand the short story collection Wishes and Sorrows.  She loves mixing fantasy, mystery and romance and playing with the old stories.  When not writing she can be found reading, teaching people historical fencing, and costuming.

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