The Story Behind Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships 10 Shift Keys by Eve Picquette

I just grew up wanting life to be fair, wondering why it wasn’t and wanting to figure it all out. I spent a lot of years trying to follow Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships 2all the religious rules I had been taught. That led to more guilt and fear. I got a great education as a nurse and attorney, but that didn’t fix me, either. Next I moved to new age ideas and rules. I finally caught on that the rules were designed to control me, rather than help me. I wish I had “gotten it” earlier. Anyway – I decided what I really wanted was to be a loving, happy person and share that lightness with anyone I was around. That was my only goal, and that sent my search in another direction.

My book contains what worked for me – what allowed me to let go of my fear and guilt and live (mostly) in the light of unconditional love and light. I found that the actions and ideas that worked for me were not new. Most of them had been written about by other seekers in other times and places. I believe angels of unconditional love inspired these ideas. They also were not rules that bound in any way – but guidelines for feeling light and joyful. I have always loved sharing what works for me with others! Since I had received so much from reading other writers’ wonderful messages, I decided to write a book. That way the power of Amazon and Google could naturally select my readers – those that were seeking what actually works to create a happier life, just as I had been seeking.


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You are invited to visit my author page –, Facebook at AdvisorIsIn and my page at where I offer advice and techniques to help you open your heart for the happiest relationships and life, as well as Free Angel Readings and other gifts – click on Angel Messages!


Eve PicquetteEve Picquette has been looking for love, joy and fun all her life. Along the way she has had lots of experiences – some with more fun than others! A licensed attorney, she served as director of risk and quality management at hospital corporations in California and Arizona for thirty years. She is also a certified NLP life coach, matrix, EFT and Angel Therapy practitioner. Eve Picquette received her MSN in community mental health at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, and her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis.

Author of Open Your Heart for Happy Relationships: 10 Shift Keys -What Your Angels Have Been Trying to Tell You for Centuries and companion Mini Meditation MP3’s, she lives in Arizona, and her present happy work is teaching and advising clients regarding having more love and joy in personal and business relationships.

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