The Story Behind Unlocking the Mystery of You by D.L. Anderson

When I was a younger, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up; that is a teacher and a writer. However, like many young people, I was discouraged from pursuing my dreams in favor of something “more practical.” So I, upon being persuaded by my parents, went to college for information technology and started my career in IT shortly after.

Unlocking the Mystery of You 2At the age of 25, I became an IT director. From there I would go on to enjoy a visibly successful career in IT until 1 day it hit me. Even though I was successful by societal standards, I didn’t feel very successful. I felt even less fulfilled. That’s because my personal life was paying the price for the cost associated with maintaining the high demands of my evolving career. So I began thinking about what I really wanted out of life and reconsidering the path I was currently on.

That’s when my mind went back to my earliest dreams to be a teacher and a writer, and how I had been convinced to put that dream on hold to pursue a career in IT. It was exactly then that I realized what was missing; explicitly I was not living my purpose. Consequently, there was a perpetual void of fulfilment inside of me that could only be filled by my purpose.

I realized, then, why all the success I had acquired in my career was not enough to keep me satisfied or in a pure state of contentment. It was because success, apart from fulfillment, will always be incomplete. It doesn’t matter how much money, prestige, or fame we have. If we are not fulfilling our purpose, we are not being completely fulfilled.

Almost 7 years into my career, I finally realized this – and as I came to understand how the only way I would be able to experience the fulfillment and success I desired would be to commit myself to living my purpose, I began formulating a plan to make this decisive transition.

7 years later I declared, “Mission Complete.” I had come full-circle regarding my purpose of teaching and writing. Now I am able to do both, and I am experiencing increasing levels of fulfillment and success in the process.

Along the way, I met a boatload of individuals who have a similar story to mine. See they too migrated away from their purpose to pursue a career which at the time “made more sense.” And like me, they arrived at a point in their lives where they felt stuck and consummately unfulfilled.

This speaks to the primary reason why I wrote this book. It was to speak to this particular audience, to let them know that it doesn’t matter how far they may have strayed from their purpose. If they are willing to commit themselves to following the path to fulfillment (as I refer to it in my book), they can once again begin leading a purpose-driven life.

Purposefully this book captures my personal journey, detailing how I strayed early on from pursuing my purpose, how I came to understand just how far off I had gotten, and eventually how I got back onto my “destiny track.”

It also speaks to some of the worries and the trials I faced, and the difficult choices I had to make. That’s because making the transition to living your purpose is a challenge of epic proportion. There are the financial considerations, the time considerations, the family considerations; the list goes on.

For that reason, over half of this book speaks to the process of transition and the 7 critical steps involved. This is crucial because no one makes this transition overnight. Like I said before, it’s a process in which we prepare ourselves (internally and externally) to be equal to our purpose and well able to live the disciplined life associated with acquiring the highest levels of fulfillment and success this life has to offer.

Finally my hope is that this book ends up being the first book in a series of books such that I can continue to successfully fulfill my purpose as a writer (authoring literatures which have the potential to help a whole world of people), and a teacher (coaching others as they look to take the same steps towards their purpose as I did so that they can incur similar levels of fulfillment and success).


 D.L. AndersonD.L. Anderson is a speaker and life trainer whose goals are centered on helping others live a life of purpose, excellence, and balance. Drawing on 15+ years of experience in various fields including information technology, consulting, and business management, D. L. Anderson is very excited to be able to effectively teach others the same principles which have made his life both fulfilling and successful.

His latest book is the self-help book, Unlocking the Mystery of You: The Pinnacle of Purpose.

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