The Story Behind Legion’s Lawyers by Vince Aiello

My writing method normally involves a high-octane, action set piece and I build the story around it. For Legion’s Lawyers, I had the idea for a lawyer at his desk during a normal work day, who receives a phone call that assassins are on their way to kill not only him, but the entire law firm.

Legion's Lawyers 2Legion’s Lawyers is the 3rd book that I have written involving the fictional, San Diego insurance defense law firm of Legion & Associates. The head of the law firm, Roger Legion, rules the law firm with an iron fist and he views the courtroom as an arena to slay an adversary. His methods are ingrained into his lawyers.

Because of San Diego’s proximity to Mexico and the violence level, the involvement of a Mexican Drug cartel was a natural fit.   When the drug cartel tries to persuade Roger Legion to provide them with assistance, he refuses, thus inciting retaliation. The cartel is aided in their efforts by at least one of the lawyers in the firm.

Roger Legion has become such an iconic anti-hero that his dialogue writes itself. He is smart. He is a military leader and a father figure. He will do whatever it takes to win, whether honest or not. In anger, he will throw a punch. He is fearless.

In my first novel, Legal Detriment, I had no idea that I was creating such a legal juggernaut. I am asked questions from people all over the world about Legion, and many lawyers in San Diego would like to take credit that the character is based on them. He is a character that is loved and hated. The fans always look forward to his appearance in the story.

The current book, Legion’s Lawyers also allowed me to examine the world of assassins, high tech weaponry and provide an interesting take on the infrastructure of a fictional drug cartel.

What bothers Roger Legion the most in the story is that a person he trained is now working with the cartel to have him assassinated. All Legion knows is that the traitor is one of Legion’s Lawyers.


Vince AielloVince Aiello grew up in upstate New York before moving to Southern California where he attended California Western School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in both New York and California.  LEGION’S LAWYERS is his third novel.  His earlier novels, LEGAL DETRIMENT and THE LITIGATION GUY, were both acclaimed bestsellers.

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