The Story Behind Solo by Kevin V. Symmons

It’s been said that every author has a story they need to tell. After years of submissions I had finally been signed by a traditional publisher. They’d released two of my novels when I submitted Solo. Since they primarily published commercial fiction I had my doubts since it was intense, edgy— even a bit on the literary side.

I spent years writing and re-writing Solo while working on other novels. Solo dealt with two of my greatest loves… music and Solo 2writing. My dad was a classically trained tenor who sang across the Northeast. He was the student of a music coach and the music critic for the old Boston Post. Two of my aunts were concert pianists. They continued to perform ambitious works well into their 60’s. So it’s not surprising that I ended studying vocal performance (Like my heroine) at Boston’s New England Conservatory—though admittedly my talent level could never approach hers!

My other love had always been writing. Since I wrote my first short story at twelve I had maintained a love for creating stories and characters and admit that even then I had a flair for the romantic. As I grew up I had the good fortune to have teachers and professors who motivated and helped increase my love for the creative.

But despite my love for the arts I gained “perspective” and majored in Business at Boston’s Northeastern University

Let’s fast forward a few decades… I had a BS and an MBA. Though I’d never lost my love for music or writing they’d been relegated to the back burner. As the President of a successful manufacturing company my writing took the form of professional pieces, business plans and motivational things in the church bulletin or industry newsletters. My music was limited to memories, fiddling with my piano, and singing bass in the church choir.

Writers get their inspiration—their story ideas—in different ways. Some use the news media, others their personal experience. I use a combination of these but mostly I use observation.

I had taken note of a young couple when I stopped every morning for coffee. They were attractive and flirted shamelessly with each other… she from behind the counter, he as a customer. Thus… this is how my first scenes where Jesse and Matt meet came to life. I played with some ideas as I crafted Solo while publishing several others. I also wanted Solo to be a “purpose” book. My wife and I had been involved with efforts to raise funds to help the horrific problem of domestic violence. So… let’s put all this together. Jesse became a world-class musician; Matt would become a best-selling author. Jesse and Matt meet at the coffee shop where she works while attending NEC (New England Conservatory) and Jesse has been a victim of privation and domestic violence.

Voila… a novel is born! Thanks for listening


Kevin Symmons 3Kevin Symmons has a BS and an MBA. He has attended the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music and studied in France. After a successful career in business management and consulting, he returned to his first love: writing. His first novel, a spell-binding paranormal romance titled “Rite of Passage” is set in the chaotic period after World War II. It’s received dozens of great reviews and was a RomCon Reader’s Crown Finalist for 2013. His second effort is a contemporary romantic thriller set near his Cape Cod home, titled “Out of the Storm.” Like his first novel, it is an Amazon Best-Seller and received many 5-star reviews. “Solo“, an intense and ambitious women’s fiction work, has been released from The Wild Rose Press, his award-winning publisher. It explores the devastating effects of privation and domestic violence on the beautiful and extraordinarily talented young heroine.

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