The Story Behind ‘Dark of the Heart’ by Anne K. Edwards

DarkoftheHeart_ebookcoverThere are several stories behind Dark of the Heart, beginning with families in the news to a few I knew as a child. I saw first-hand the results of alcoholism and how it destroyed lives from one generation to the next. What was true then is true today. Parents who drink are often violent toward each other and their children. Too many times the adults make no attempt to help themselves and are unwilling to do so. This is a problem that is passed from one generation to another and that is what is behind the story told in Dark of the Heart.


About the book

A runaway son has returned to the Tyles family fold after an absence of several years.  A frightened boy when he left, Joey Tyles has returned a bitter man bent on revenge on the family that made his childhood a hell.

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Anne K. Edwards enjoys a life shared with her husband and several cats who rule the household and lives of its inhabitants. She is an avid reader, reviews ebooks, writes in several genres, and enjoys meeting other writers. She’s currently touring the blogosphere to promote her latest book, Dark of the Heart.

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