The Story behind ‘My Mother My Child’ by Susie Kinslow Adams

mymothermychild-187x300Ten long years had passed since I said “good-bye” to Mother and moved with my husband to California to minister in churches.  Living in the same town as my mother had afforded us opportunities to travel together, enjoy craft fairs, shopping, and many other activities.  After moving away, our home visits were  too short and too few to afford outings and shopping trips.

I knew Mother was overjoyed at the news we were moving back to Missouri. She immediately began making plans for the two of us and was at our door, suitcase in hand, a few weeks after our move. Prior to our move, Mother had been living by herself and, as far as we knew, been doing well physically.  However, she was not well. The first week with us, she became ill and was in ICU for several weeks. Her physician gave little hope that she would ever leave the hospital.

Practically overnight, my world turned upside down. The grandiose plans we girls had for fun outings was not to be.  As she was released from the hospital, we immediately moved Mother into our home and I became her caregiver. Instead of loading the car for outings, we loaded her and her wheelchair for doctor and hospital appointments. My husband and I no longer made plans to  be gone without making sure Mother had someone to care for her needs.

I knew nothing about caregiving. My children were adopted or foster children and at least ten years old when I became their mother. The first diapers I ever changed was my mothers as her illness progressed. At times I felt alone and helpless. I was providing care for the one who had cared for me all her life; the one I had gone to with questions; the one who seemed to know how to do everything. I did not know where to turn for mother2

During this time, I felt God’s call to write a book about our journey. I knew less about writing and publishing a book than I did about caregiving.  Nevertheless, I hurriedly scribbled notes on scrap pieces of paper, napkins, whatever was handy and tucked them away in a box.

For eight years I took care of my mother, daily learning something new about this journey. The day of Mother’s funeral, I knew it was time to get serious about writing the book. I typed all the journal pages and the little scribbled notes and printed them off.  I literally cut and pasted (yes, with scissors and glue) until I formed chapters. With a lot of prayer support, I finally had My Mother My Child  in hand.

The second edition of My Mother My Child is now complete with discussion guides at the end of each chapter. It’s the book I would like to have had on my journey.  I am thankful for the opportunity to help and encourage others as I share the story of the years my mother also became my child.


Title: My Mother My Child

Genre: Non Fiction Self Help

Author: Susie Kinslow Adams


Publisher: Write By The Sea Press

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About the Book

My Mother My Child is an easy-to-read heartfelt story of caregiving filled with practical helps and resources for every family. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter are suitable for individual or group study.

About the Author


Susie Kinslow Adams is a wife, mother, and grandmother whose earliest memories are of caring for grandparents and offering hugs and hope to shy or struggling classmates. Her work alongside her husband in ministry has provided years of experience with groups and individuals from children to senior adults. Susie is a gifted author, writer, speaker and storyteller. She and her husband have a country home in the Ozarks and enjoy the wonders of nature.

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