The Story behind ‘Chickenhawk’ by Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

arnaldo 3I was working nights as a token booth clerk for the NYC subway, when I noticed that a group of young men and boys was constantly running up and down the stairs, to and from the street, at all hours of the night. It appeared that they ranged in age from 12 years to 20 years old and so I found this odd indeed. So one day I stopped one of the older boys and asked him what they were doing. He replied that they were running from the cops. When I asked him why, he absolutely floored me when he said that they were all male prostitutes.

That was such an unexpected answer that, being a writer, I knew that there was a story there, and as I researched this phenomenon further, I learned that it wasn’t such a phenomenon after all, and that seemingly happily married, heterosexual men paying to have sex with young men and boys was actually quite a common occurrence. In fact, it was while reading a science article on how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) was investigating the mystery of the increasing incidents of HIV/AIDS among married, heterosexual women in Long Island, New York, that the full idea behind my novel came to be. I figured that a married man leading a double life of loyal husband and devoted family man, while also secretly procuring the services of young, male prostitutes would be devastated to learn that he had contracted a potentially lethal and communicable illness.

The antagonist in my novel doesn’t handle it very well, and soon his guilt and anger lead him to madness and murder as he starts killing the young, male prostitutes that he blames for his sickness. So the story continued to gel and to grow as I conducted more and more research until I felt that I had enough material to put in a novel. Once the killings started, two detectives from the Manhattan North Homicide division began their investigation into the Chickenhawk killings.


Title: Chickenhawk

Genre: Thriller

Author: Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Publisher: Koehler Books/Café Con Leche books

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About the Book:

Chickenhawk is an urban crime fiction novel that showcases New York City’s diversity, as well as the dark side of race relations, politics, sexuality, illness, madness, and infidelity. Eddie Ramos and Tommy Cucitti are Manhattan North Homicide detectives after a serial killer that manages to stay below their radar while the body count keeps climbing in a city that’s turning into a powder keg.


About the Author:

Arnaldo Lopez Jr. has been employed by New York City Transit for twenty-eight years and was formerly employed as a dispatcher with the NYPD.  Mr. Lopez is also a speaker and trainer, speaking on subjects as diverse as terrorism and customer service.  He created the civilian counter-terrorism training program currently in use by New York City Transit and many other major public transportation agencies around the country.

As well as writing, Mr. Lopez is an artist and photographer, having sold several of his works over the years.  As a writer he’s sold articles to Railway Age magazine, The Daily News magazine, Homeland Defense Journal, and Reptile & Amphibian magazine; scripts to Little Archie and Personality Comics; and short stories to Neo-Opsis magazine, Lost Souls e-zine, Nth Online magazine, Blood Moon magazine, and various other Sci-Fi and/or horror newsletters and fanzines.  He was also editor of Offworld, a small science fiction magazine that was once chosen as a “Best Bet” by Sci-Fi television.  Chickenhawk is his first novel.

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