The Story Behind Little Boy Gan From Passion-Filled Everland & Reimburse the Universe by Lisa McDonald

The inspiration I have derived for having had the journey of my books come to fruition is a very simple and yet a very profound one.

Little Boy GanAt the heart and soul of everything I do, of every decision I make, of everything I am passionate and excited about in life, is the love I have of my two children. They are my greatest teachers, my biggest motivators, and my truest of blessings. My children, are always the inspiration for what I write, how I write, inclusive of book titles, book content, and for everything I continually choose to manifest in my life.

As a result of getting very clear on what and who matters to me, and choosing to only align myself with that which keeps me living in a perpetual space of passion-filled joy and abundance in my life – the tapestry of my life is truly becoming a remarkable one. I make a conscious choice every day to show up, to take massive action in my life, to get out of my own way, to visualize, to believe and to manifest all of the yumminess I am committed to creating for myself in mine and my children’s lives.

Reimburse the UniverseHow I live my life is truly synonymous with what I choose to write about in my books. It is incorporated into my DNA. It is what interests me, infuses me, ignites me, and inspires me. I do very much, reimburse the universe – by way of thoughts, actions, intentions, synergies, and inherent core-belief-systems, hence the title of my second book, Reimburse the Universe.

My soul only knows how to gravitate toward that which is meaningful and purposeful. I am truly in my happy-zone when I believe I am in some way giving-back, being of service to others, and paying-it-forward for the greater good of the collective. These are the life-lessons I write about in my books. These are the messages I wish to impart to my children and to readers alike, who may also choose to be the love and light in this world. I feel this is my inherent responsibility – my due diligence if you will, to spread a message I so fundamentally believe in – Reimburse the Universe.


Lisa McDonaldLisa McDonald is an author and radio host. Her children’s books, LITTLE BOY GAN FROM PASSION-FILLED EVERLAND and REIMBURSE THE UNIVERSE, take readers, young and old, on journeys with diverse characters that teach lessons of acceptance, understanding, and sharing. Lisa’s radio program, Carpe Diem, promotes personal empowerment and showcases world-renowned authors, speakers, and musicians.

Writing has been a long-time passion for Lisa. “I have been writing since the age of five. I always wrote poetry, short stories, anthologies, essays. My maternal grandmother foresaw me being a writer/author from a very young age and encouraged me to pursue it. As a result of reinventing myself due to a change in personal/familial circumstances, it became clear to me that writing was not meant to be a hobby but rather my vocation.”

Lisa’s third and fourth books, PLANET POME-GRANITE and KISMET TALES FROM HAPPY TRAILS, are forthcoming in late 2015 and early 2016.

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