The Story Behind Home From Within by Lisa Maggiore

The inspiration for the book came to me during my senior year in high school, (which was a very long time ago.) A friend got pregnant and decided to keep the baby and get married once she graduated high school. As the writer’s mind often wanders into the “what if,” I wondered what would have happened if the father of her child did not know she was pregnant, because she Home From Withinwas whisked off in the middle of the night and sent to live with relatives far away. And, after many years, the father discovers that he has a child by the girl/woman he loved (and never stopped loving) from his youth. But, they are both in committed relationships with other people, so where does that leave them, or their child?

I love a great love story and am drawn to the hardships in navigating between the head and the heart. My novel is that journey of mapping out a path to connect the head and the heart.

As a little side note, I based my character, Paul, loosely on a high school crush (he didn’t know I existed.)

While I was channel surfing one night I stumbled upon the popular 1980’s film, Purple Rain. There’s a scene in the film in which Prince sings The Beautiful Ones to Apollonia, his girlfriend. I was moved by the intensity of Prince’s emotions of possibly losing Appolonia to another; his beckoning her with his music: to choose “him or me.” It was a love triangle that paralleled my story. Since half of my story is set in the 1980s I decided to use that song and those emotions to anchor a few scenes, especially at the end of the book. (I love the karaoke scene with Matt and Jessica.)

The premise for the book stuck with me through many years and when I finally decided to write the story, I used my long hours commuting in Chicago traffic to create scenes, characters, and dialogue even before putting my fingers on a keyboard. After leaping from my twenty-year career as a social worker to a full-time writer, I am thrilled to self-publish my novel Home from Within.


Lisa MaggioreLisa Maggiore is the author of a children’s picture book, Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses and a fiction short story, Pinterest Saved My Marriage. Lisa is currently working on other writing projects and practicing her storytelling skills during Live Lit performances. Lisa resides in Chicago with her husband and four children. Lisa loves to travel, watch da Bears during the NFL season and be silly with her family.

Her latest book is the women’s fiction, Home From Within.

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