The Story Behind Misled by Annie Miles

Mark Twain said, “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” Readers may be surprised at how much truth is in Misled, which is based on a real story.

IMisledn 1992, I discovered my then husband had an emotional affair with my mother in the 1970s, when we were dating. Cut to 2009, when dementia was destroying my mother’s mind, and I had to step up and become her caretaker. I’d managed to put the affair to the back of my mind, but when I began seeing her daily, I couldn’t help but think of what had occurred thirty years before. I reread the letters from my mother to my husband (I’d found them in the back of a closet and you better believe I kept them), and so much pain and emotion came rushing back.

Not only did they have an affair of sorts, but the letters showed how they misled me to believe Daniel was someone he was not. Based on that belief, I chose to marry him. And thirty years later I was stuck in a miserable marriage.

My mother and I had always had a contentious relationship. I didn’t realize growing up that we were in competition, but the letters reflected that, and then her actions over the years began to make sense. What didn’t make sense was how could the two most important people in my life betray me like they did?

And now I was expected to be her caretaker. Add dementia to a contentious relationship with two strong-willed, independent women, and you have the perfect storm. My mother couldn’t see that she was impaired and she had no intention of letting me take care of her, let alone call the shots. Let’s just say she did not go quietly into the night. Not only did I have to deal with my mother on a daily basis but I had to come home to a narcissistic husband who gave me no emotional support whatsoever and who was quite often emotionally abusive. It was the hardest time of my life.

Drama, humor, love, and hate weave through this book. I turned to writing as a form of therapy, and I ended up with a novel. I needed to write this book in order to heal. I hope it will help readers in similar situations, but I also hope it will entertain readers. There is a little bit of fiction in Misled. But I bet you won’t be able to tell what is truth and what is fiction. In this novel, I try to make sense of my truth.


Annie MilesAnnie Miles is the pseudonym for the real woman portrayed in Misled. In real life, she writes a mystery series and is the mother of two sons and the legal guardian of her mother, who gives her new material daily. Annie is a firm believer in the saying, “People are put into your life as either a blessing or a lesson.” You will find both in the characters of Misled. It is the lessons that fuel the book and the blessings that fuel Annie. She lives in the South where she enjoys reading, writing, baking, and photography. She welcomes correspondence, particularly from women who are suffering through trying times.

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