The Story behind ‘The Day the Dollar Died’ by Robert V Baynes

book cover (1)-1I have been watching what is going on in our country for some time now. I am very concerned about the direction America is taking morally, economically and mentally. I think we have fallen morally in the last 50 years. I think at the same time we have thrown out all of the time tested principles of economics and adapted a strategy of debt and economic foolishness. I also think that mentally we have become a nation that no longer cares about anything but self indulgence and the latest pop culture.

I don’t think it takes much stretch of the imagination to see that we are headed for a major storm of epic proportions. Most people are so involved with their everyday lives, that they pay very little attention to this.

I wanted to write a book about the dangers I see ahead and what it means for the average person.  After thinking about how to do this, I decided that a novel would be the best way to get the message across. I feel that people remember a story better than a bunch of facts and I think it is also easier to read.

I chose a main character that has very similar values to mine and also portrays many of the people I know personally. I painted a picture of his life as it could be now, and then I wrote of how his life would be changed as the system as we know it began to crash.

I tried to make it as realistic as possible so readers could imagine this scenario happening to them. I used what I know of human nature to portray every character’s reaction in a realistic way.

I hope that people understand the message and warning I am trying to portray in the book. I do want people to be entertained by the story, but I also want them to think that this could really happen in their lives.

I think of the book as a novel with a message. This is the whole reason why I wrote this book.


dad 2

Robert V Baynes is concerned about the direction America is headed and wants to share his concerns with others who care about their freedom. In his spare time, he likes to fish, cook and read.

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