The Story Behind TRANSFORM: The Secret to Unlocking the Perfect You by Dede Barbanti

I love it when people ask me to tell my story because although they would like me to sum it all up, the truth is; there is no short answer. There were several factors that led me getting into fitness, speaking and writing; nothing is coincidence or happens randomly. From the time I was a child, up until this point; every moment and every experience shaped the person I am today and who I will become in the future. That is the way it goes for every person in this world. It’s just that many times people never Transformput the puzzle pieces together, or do so later in life. I had an incredible 15-year career as a professional dancer and choreographer up until I was 28 years old, it was my passion and I believed it would be my career forever. However, life throws you a curve ball and I fell in love, got married, had three incredible children and left the dance world because I knew that I could not raise a family while traveling or spending 40 hours a week at the dance studio. During this time, I got into Real Estate and had a tremendous amount of success; but at the same time I found myself living the life of a single working mother because my ex-husband left me to handle being the primary money maker, housekeeper and parent. I also didn’t seem to get along with his girlfriends, so that definitely didn’t help the marriage. During this time, I had gained over 70lbs and found myself in a deep depression. I lost my voice, my dreams, my passion…myself! After some time, I realized that nobody could change my circumstances but me, so I picked up my three kids, who at the time were 2 weeks, 2 years and 4 years old; and I left my husband. I knew I had to get myself together physically so I could feel confident and strong again. I started going to the gym for 2 hours every day after work; but nothing was coming off. Not only was I frustrated with the fact that I could not lose the weight, I hated knowing that some daycare was practically raising my children. One day, a friend of mine gave me the idea to return to my dance roots and create my own fitness format. It was from that day forward that my life completely changed. I began to research all of the popular group fitness formats, pulling from what I felt worked and what was lacking and combined it with my 15 years’ of experience as a professional dancer. It was during this time I lost over 70 lbs. in 6 months and created my first fitness format Boogie Box Fitness (also known as BBX). From that moment in time until now, it has been a whirlwind. I ran several test groups and saw incredible success with each person I worked with, eventually having it University tested three times to prove its effectiveness. I studied food and how it works within the body; creating the healthiest plan that I felt would provide the most effective and permanent weight loss results.

As a single mother of three, “save time and money” was my motto. That is what most women, especially single mothers with children, worry about right? “How can I get to where I need to be in less time and without having to shell out a ton of money?”

Over the course of several years I have had the privilege of helping countless, incredible women. What I didn’t expect was to learn that the issues most people had with weight had absolutely nothing to do with eating and exercise, but had to do with what I now call “core barriers.” It was during this time that I realized the “BIG LIE” of the diet industry, Band-Aid treatments, and the misconceptions people had about health and weight loss. It was through all of this experience that I was drawn to write my book and speak out about what I had learned and developed. It became my mission!

“TRANSFORM: The Secret To Unlocking The Perfect You,” was written so that I could inspire people to realize their true potential. All while giving them the exact steps they need to take in order to discover the spark and power they all possess, to achieve the body and life of their own design.

About the Author

Dede Barbanti 2Dede Barbanti is a renowned fitness & lifestyle coach, certified soul memory discovery facilitator, author, motivational speaker and single mother of three. Once weighing over 200 pounds, Dede has dedicated her life to developing innovative methods that have literally changed the face of weight loss, fitness, dieting and lifestyle!

Through the creation of her first format Boogie Box (BBX) and the “Un-Diet” nutrition and weight-loss program; Dede lost over 70 pounds in less than 6 months and has since helped countless people from all over the world. Since forming BBX, Dede has released two groundbreaking workout DVD’s “Boogie Box LIVE” & “BBX Hardcore.”

Her groundbreaking techniques and work have been featured on shows such as: Dr. Oz, Shark Tank, Fitceleb, OnAir, Good Day Utah, ABC, KTLA and FOX News, as well as several media productions. Dede was also named one of OC Metro Magazines “Top 20 Women In Business.”

Dede’s passion, training and experience has helped countless people from all over the USA transform their bodies and lives through her unique and “straight shooting” methods.

Pulling from her years of experience, Dede has written a complete lifestyle guide, TRANSFORM: The Secret To Unlocking The Perfect You. In it, she shares her three principles to obtaining the body and life of your own design!

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