The Story Behind The Emerging Sensitive by Maria Hill

I am a sensitive person who has always been curious about why the world was organized the way it is, why it is so messed up and why I was so different in how I thought and experienced the world. As a child I did not realize that I was a sensitive person who took in all the energy around me. I felt a deep connection to all life that was not shared by others and a different perspective. Frankly the world and everyone in it was a big puzzle! As a result I became a thinker at a young age.

As an adult I went to school, worked and continued to learn as much about the world as possible. I explored many different The Emerging Sensitiveideas, learned about frameworks and began to develop some understanding of the world. I obtained a BA, an MBA and worked in the health and computer industries for several decades. I noticed that, although I did well, being a sensitive person created energy challenges for me. Highly sensitive people, because they are so conscientious and deep processors of information, work exceptionally hard so they need to pace themselves differently in order to balance the needs of their nature and the demands of work.

In transitioning to self-employment, I studied art, reiki, and coaching. I started a website for sensitive people, Sensitive Evolution, which has evolved to become one of the largest resources on the internet for sensitive people. Along the way I conducted surveys and did some coaching calls. From those explorations, I discovered how often sensitive people struggle because they do not think there is a place for them in the world. One particular coaching call touched me because a sensitive young woman with a great heart and a lot of skills was at sea about how to go forward because she was not finding her place in the world. Her dilemma is not uncommon for sensitive people. This interview was the catalyst that caused me to decide to write the book using my own experience, explorations and learning to help other sensitive people.

I decided to combine my understanding of sensitivity, frameworks, the fascinating evolutional psychology of Spiral Dynamics, and what I know about the new Commons Movement into a book that provides sensitive people a road map for understanding the world as well as tools and resources to make positive changes for themselves.

Sensitive people absorb all the energy around them which gives them a holistic point of view in a competitive world. The book, The Emerging Sensitive, provides highly sensitive people with historical and cultural perspectives that help them understand the frustrating disconnect they feel with the world as it is now and move in directions that serve them and the world better.

About the Author

Maria HillMaria Hill is the founder of HSP Health and Sensitive Evolution. She is a lifelong explorer of the sensitive experience and the challenges of bridging the difference between sensitive and non-sensitive people. Her interest in wisdom traditions, and new developments in the understanding of patterns of human behavior and living provides a unique perspective about the value of the sensitive trait and the needs of highly sensitive people.

Her latest book is the self-help book, The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World.

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