The Story behind ‘Original Cyn’ by Sylvia Dickey Smith

The Dark Phantom Review

The seeds of the story behind Original Cyn turned in the ground and nudged their way toward the sunshine well over twenty years ago now. A few months earlier, I happened to pick up a copy of Carolyn Heilbrun’s Writing a Woman’s Life. It lay on my desk for weeks looking so inconsequential at times I wondered why I’d purchased it. Then one day, I picked it up and started to read—that is until the phrase unambiguous wife caught my eye and latched onto my psyche. The unambiguous wife, I read, is a woman who puts a man at the center of her life, allowing to occur only that which honors his paramount position. Her desires, dreams and wishes are forever secondary.

Heilbrun described me—to a tee. I’d spent almost thirty years perfecting the godly role of a sanitized, unambiguous woman. Not only that, but during those years I also…

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