The Story Behind Dark Money by Larry D. Thompson

The idea first came from a conversation with a member of then Texas Governor Rick Perry’s protective detail who told me that they had a constant conflict of interest. On the one hand, they were sworn peace officers, sworn to protect the citizens of this state. On the other hand, they were told that their first objective, in the event of a danger to the governor, was to get him out of harm’s way.

Dark MoneyI mulled that over for several months and then began to read more about the problems with our political system caused by the Supreme Court when they wrote the Citizens United decision. I decided to combine the two and created a costume fundraiser just before Halloween in Fort Worth where big shots would come in masks and contribute to what has become known as a Dark Money organization, so called because the government does not require donors to such social welfare organizations to disclose their names. In theory, hundreds of millions can be contributed to sway an election and the electorate would never know who is behind the campaign.

Everything about that is wrong, but the Supreme Court failed to recognize the problems they were creating. Since my novels are all thrillers, but also have an underlying message, I decided to write this one to be a great thriller and a great mystery, but expose the corruption of money in politics.

The reader first attends a costume fundraiser where a billionaire is killed and the Texas Governor left close to death. The reader then follows Jack Bryant as he tracks the assassin to an anti-government militia compound of The Alamo Defenders. He and a SWAT team storm the compound, leaving the assassin near death. Only the story is just beginning. She is in a coma, but the person with the money to arrange for the killing is still on the loose. Jack must follow the money to New Orleans, Washington, D.C., the Cayman Islands, New York City and Europe before he gets enough evidence to force the man who paid for massacre to admit to what he did from the witness stand in a trial in Fort Worth.

About the Author

Larry D. ThompsonLarry D. Thompson was first a trial lawyer. He tried more than 300 cases throughout Texas, winning in excess of 95% of them. When his youngest son graduated from college, he decided to write his first novel. Since his mother was an English teacher and his brother, Thomas Thompson, had been a best-selling author, it seemed the natural thing to do.

Larry writes about what he knows best…lawyers, courtrooms and trials. The legal thriller is his genre. DARK MONEY is his fifth story and the second in the Jack Bryant series.

Larry and his wife, Vicki, call Houston home and spend their summers on a mountain top in Vail, Colorado. He has two daughters, two sons and four grandchildren.

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