The Story Behind ‘Irish Jewel’ by Julie Ann James

I had an opportunity to travel to Dublin Ireland and even though I was writing another novel at the time,  I was truly inspired by this beautiful country and the idea simple popped in my head. The antiquated cemeteries, the architecture and the overall history in Ireland was breathtaking.  I ended up putting away the novel I was working on and writing the premise to Irish Jewel while on the plane.  It is interesting as I typically come up with the title first and then the idea and that seems to work for me best.

However the most interesting story behind Irish Jewel would be my cover experience or I might add my two cover experiences.  I had a great idea for the cover even before I finished writing the story. I decided to hire an illustrator and gave him the key points of what I wanted to see on my cover and he happily delivered the exact idea I had floating around in my head.  There was an antiquated building in the background sort of castle like, a wrought iron gate, a green cinched bag lying on the ground at the front gate filled with loose gems that were spilling out onto the ground. He did a remarkable job with the cover portraying exactly what I wanted. I published my book, scheduled a very successful book signing and then I decided to send my book to an online publicist for her review.  She sent my book cover along with the very gritty about the book to a few book reviewers.  The book reviewers came back with great reviews about my book, however not such a great opinion about my cover. They indicated that my cover did not match my description and did not have a danger element incorporated in the design. The sky was blue and it looked juvenile.

I learn something new every day as a writer and a publisher and I took their comments very seriously and asked my designer to read my book again and come up with a graphic design. She did such a remarkable job that it literally blew me away.  There was no question about the change and I am so grateful that the book reviewers were honest and straight forward.   I sent the new design back to the reviewers and they had two words for me…“Love It.”


Genre: Suspense

Author:  Julie Ann James


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About the Book:

When Irish Jewel opens, bride-to-be Amy Reid is living out a fairy tale.  She’s engaged to be married to the love of her life, Michael Cambridge, an Irishman. Michael, a member of one of Dublin’s most  prominent families and heir to the Cambridge precious gem business, is everything a girl could dream of—and more.   He’s handsome, loving, charming, smart, successful, and, as icing on the wedding cake, Amy and Michael will be married in an elaborate ceremony in Dublin. This lavish, spare-no-expense event will be an exquisite dream-come-true-affair—a beautiful beginning to their lives together.

But this dream-come-true quickly turns into a nightmare:  what begins as a vague threat quick escalates into something much more sinister. On the eve of what should be the happiest day of her life, Amy is quickly swept up in an insidious web of danger, kidnapping, and murder.

When long buried truths emerge and dark secrets come to light, this fairy tale will be irretrievably fractured.  Nothing is as it seems—and the only way to win this deadly game is to get out alive. But the odds are stacked against Michael and Amy.  Will they even live to see “till death us do part”? Expect the unexpected in this twisted tale…

About the Author

Julie Ann James is an avid speaker and author who penned her first book at the age of 10. In 2003, Julie Ann founded Pepper Tree Magazine, a literary magazine based in Sarasota, Florida, and later founded The Peppertree Press.  A longtime Sarasota resident, Julie Ann is also the author of The Pepper Tree Story: How the Seeds were Planted, Finnigan the Dragon, It’s Rhyming Peas and Carrots, The Tooth be Told, The Cows in the Garden and and Haunted Echoes.


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