The Story Behind Banished Threads by Kaylin McFarren

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions about the inspiration behind my latest thriller – Banished Threads. Not only does this come from my experience as an art gallery owner and director, but also through my love for great mysteries and extensive travels abroad.

Banished ThreadsFor most of my life, I’ve been fascinated by the arts—visual, literary, and performance. I was never given the opportunity to take dance classes and was too shy to sing outside of choir, but drawing was another matter altogether. I was literally obsessed with sketching and would cover pads of paper with pictures of people, places and all kinds of things. At the age of eight, I penned my first poem and loved the attention it garnered. Two years later, I entered a poetry and prose contest sponsored by the Seattle Rotary and won a $50 prize for first place. That was all it took to set me on the road to writing.

Throughout high school, I made entries in my journals practically every day—any thing from poetry and short stories to quotes and interesting thoughts that came to mind. Years later, I attended Highline Community College in Midway, Washington, and it was here that my real interest took shape. While taking a literature course from Lonny Kaneko, a highly-respected professor, and listening to stories about his troubled life, I realized I had stories of my own to tell. But life took a different direction. I married shortly after meeting my husband and by the age of 28, I was the mother of three very active daughters. In addition to playing an active role in my husband’s business endeavors, I became involved in all aspects of my children’s lives—taxi duties, cheerleading coaching, script rehearsals and relationship counselling, to name a few.

When my youngest daughter left home to attend college, my dream of opening an art gallery was realized and was added to the list of 27 diverse companies under my husband’s Yoshida Group umbrella. During this 8-year experience, I became acquainted with and committed to over 400 artists in the northwest, exposing their talents at monthly shows and through national marketing efforts.

With all of these wonderful people coming in and out of my life, I knew one day I would bring a few of them together in one of my stories, and the opportunity arose with the writing of Banished Threads. Although this is the third book in my Threads series and picks up where Severed Threads left off, it truly stands alone. Within the pages of this self-published book, you will find interesting people, fun facts, historical places, twist and turns, and thrilling suspense. As with each book I write, a common thread exists. My flawed characters and their dilemmas are designed to reach into your heart and remind readers that they can overcome any obstacle in their lives if they just have faith in the possibility.

About the Author

Kaylin McFarrenKaylin McFarren is a California native who has enjoyed traveling around the world. She previously worked as director for a fine art gallery, where she helped foster the careers of various artists before feeling the urge to satisfy her own creative impulses.

Since launching her writing career, McFarren has earned more than a dozen literary awards in addition to a finalist spot in the 2008 RWA Golden Heart Contest. A member of RWA, Rose City Romance Writers, and Willamette Writers, she also lends her participation and support to various charitable and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

McFarren currently lives with her husband in Oregon and visits her second home in California once a month. They have three grown daughters and two grandchildren, and look forward to having more.

Her latest book is the romantic suspense, Banished Threads


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