The Story Behind Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier by Alexander King

I know it does sound a bit tacky, but the inspiration for my book was – life! When I delved into my spiritual journey, 20 years ago, I had just read this book about Spiritual Healing, how as a Spiritual Healer one can supposedly diagnose any illness, as well as the root of any illness. And even better, the author claimed that no illness can withstand Spiritual Healing. All can be healed, supposedly without even any side-effects. I was a few years into my medical studies and compared to what I learned there, Spiritual Healing seemed so much more gentle, accurate and effective! Sure, supposedly now I would have to delve into a journey of self-discovery, to re-discover these heavenly gifts, but nothing was going to stop me! The journey of self-discovery Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldierwas said to potentially be painful at times, slaying the negative sides of our Ego and such, but it seemed very much worthwhile!

So I was naïve and clueless when I started to look for a spiritual teacher to teach me Spiritual Healing. I found a teacher. He was very psychic, and I assumed that to be psychic one had to be of good character, or so I had read. I believed that I had a capable teacher, but I had just run headlong into a spiritual cult, guided by a charismatic and sociopathic guru. Instead freeing my mind and becoming more life capable, I had myself brainwashed, and locked in a cage built of fears and guilt…

I did manage to come out of the cult again. I had to learn to think for myself though, learn to question spiritual authorities, and in many areas to find my own answers.

Sure it all sounds a bit dramatic, and not every spiritual seeker will be so unlucky as to end up in a cult. What I have found over the years though – looking at many spiritual teachings and tools from e.g. books (many selling in the millions, and most claiming absolute certainty, with a free and constructive critical mind, is that many of them are confused, incomplete or even wrong, and potentially damaging too.

Over the years I did not just have to free myself from the erroneous teachings of my initial guru, but of a few other mainstream ones as well.

Do I regret my journey – not at all! It has made me stronger and more competent. I have found satisfying answers to all the big questions of life, I have sought so far. But had there been a book like Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier; Surviving the Path to Enlightenment, and had I found and read it towards the beginning of my spiritual journey, my journey might well have been more effortless, rational, and smooth, and with much more realistic expectations. As such I just had to write Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier; Surviving the Path to Enlightenment. For everyone has the same access to Divine Truth inside, as well as Divine intuition from Guides and Helpers as myself, but getting a clear connecting to the Divine is not always easy, plus getting access to some answers can take time. So I hope Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier; Surviving the Path to Enlightenment might offer my readers some short cuts I never had…

About the Author

Alexander KingIn 1995 Alexander King encountered ‘spiritual healing’ whilst studying medicine and now resides in London, England working as a healer and masseur helping people to better health, healing and ‘enlightenment’ in a realistic manner. To date (2015) Alexander has treated well over 1500 clients, and his work has featured in several publications including the Sunday Telegraph. In this book he aims to make his discoveries about Energies and complementary healing tools as transparent and transformative as possible in order to support others who are seriously considering their wellbeing and/or are negating the growing minefield of ‘alternative’ remedies. Alexander enjoys good health and an active social life despite the many challenges he has faced and surmounted.

His latest book is the self-help/self-discovery/spirituality book, Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier: Surviving the Path to Enlightenment.

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