The Story Behind Othello Greene: The Story Begins by Anthony Baltimore

My inspiration for Othello Greene: The Story Begins is my love for Islam. I wanted to write a book in the rawest, most realistic form I could imagine, which would capture the readers interest and portrait Islam in it’s true reality. I wanted to address the most Othello Greencommon misconceptions about the religion and show it’s beauty, justice, and wisdom. At the same time deliver an emotional rollercoaster of a story that would leave the reader on the edge of his/her seat at the turn of every chapter. But be warned, this book is not for everyone. The language is frank and graphic and the violence is abundant. And it’s meant to be. It is not my intent to offend nor put anyone off, but I do intend to deliver a story the endears the readers to the characters and invoke dialogue.

Getting published was a nightmare. First and foremost it is very difficult writing a quality novel in the federal penitentiary. You must have some type of assistance from the outside world, especially when it comes to research. Allah blessed me with an excellent researcher. We have to use antiquated typewriters that hardly ever work, tedious, and time consuming. Also, the price of ribbons is ridiculous. After spending an arm and a leg typing your manuscript, you will either have to pay someone to retype it on a computer, or pay to have the document scanned and converted to an editable text. Both can be expensive and most people don’t want to deal with people in prison. Allah directed me to Jourstarr Quality Publishing. They did it all. They converted my manuscript and had it properly edited. I could not have been more pleased with the final product. They made the whole process worth it.

In the end I pray that readers enjoy my effort and come away with a clearer understanding about Islam.

About the Author

Anthony BaltimoreBorn on November 17, 1969 in Washington D.C.. Graduated from Mackin Catholic High School and went on to attend Howard University. He became a successful entrepreneur at an early age, but fell victim to the lure of the streets. He quickly became entrenched in the often violent world of drug trafficking and was consumed by its illusions of power and prominence.

In 2009 over 22,000 individuals were convicted of federal drug charges, less than 25 of those were convicted of 21 USC 848 (Kingpin Statute). Mr. Baltimore Sr. was one of them.
He is now serving a mandatory life sentence at USP Lewisburg in central Pennsylvania.

He utilizes his time fervently fighting his case, furthering his education, and fostering his passion for writing. He is also a loving father and devout Muslim.

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