The Story Behind The Red Wolf by David Tindell

I was in my mid-forties when I started studying the martial arts, and what I quickly found was that it’s much more than learning how to punch and kick. It’s about a philosophy, a lifestyle, one that embraces honor and integrity. Some call it the warrior ethos, which can also be found in people who put on a uniform and go into our streets to protect innocent lives and property, and the-red-wolfthose who go overseas to confront our nation’s enemies. When I was a kid, I read comic books about superheroes like Batman and Superman, and now as an adult, I can see how we have always sought out heroes, and even when we have found them in real life we have invented more. As a society, we have always celebrated the heroic ideals of courage, honor, and sacrifice.

Jo Ann Geary, the White Vixen, is a woman who has embraced the warrior ethos and long ago made the decision to put on her country’s uniform and do what needs to be done to keep all of us safe. She’s one of the world’s top martial artists, and also a gifted linguist. Her story begins in The White Vixen, set in the early 1980s, when she is detached to the UK’s Royal Marines to assist in the recovery of a British agent captured by the Chinese, and then later is called upon again to go undercover in Argentina to find the mysterious force behind the Falklands War.

Now, in The Red Wolf, it’s 1987 and she’s a member of a brand-new covert operations force, Pallas Group. Its first mission comes directly from the president: they are to go behind the Iron Curtain and find a rogue Soviet Spetsnaz soldier who intends to assassinate Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. If the Wolf succeeds, a military takeover of the USSR could turn the Cold War hot overnight. So the stakes are high. Failure is not an option.

Jo is quite possibly the best-trained operative in the US Air Force Special Operations Command, but now she’ll be going up against a man who has not only survived, but mastered, the training of Soviet Spetsnaz, one of the world’s most formidable military units. She has her work cut out for her this time.

About the Author

david-tindellBorn in Germany and raised in Wisconsin, David Tindell works for the U.S. Government by day, and by night he writes thrillers and trains in the martial arts. He has earned black belts in taekwondo and issin-ryu karate, with extensive studies in Russian Systema and Okinawan weaponry. He lives on a lake in northwest Wisconsin with his wife Sue, a Yorkie and a Siamese.


About the Book:

January 1987: In a secret meeting at Camp David, the president instructs the CIA to send a team of operatives behind the Iron Curtain to track down a legendary Spetsnaz soldier known only as the Red Wolf. Their mission is to prevent the Wolf from assassinating Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and touching off a military takeover that might turn the Cold War hot overnight.

The newly-formed Pallas Group selects Air Force special operator Jo Ann Geary, the White Vixen, to lead a team into communist Hungary and stop the Wolf. But powerful men in Washington don’t want the mission to succeed and will risk everything to stop it. They place a mole inside Pallas, and now Geary doesn’t know who she can trust. Deep inside Hungary, she must stay one step ahead of the KGB and find the Wolf before he takes the shot that will alter the course of history.

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