The Story Behind A Darker Shore by Malia Zaidi

“A Darker Shore” was brewing in me ever since I finished the first draft of the previous book in the series, “A Poisonous Journey.” I had grown attached to the characters and to the rhythm of sitting down to write a novel. I knew that I wanted Evelyn, the protagonist, to have another adventure and because the book is set in the 1920s, the First World War still plays a major a-darker-shorerole in the collective memory of the European people, I knew that the story I wrote would be linked to the past. I love history and the research I did for “A Poisonous Journey” was fun and immersive. My research for “A Darker Shadow” also captured my attention, but for a different reason. I read about the soldiers of the war, about Northern France and families left behind. At times I was overwhelmed with sadness for what happened, and for what I knew (though Evelyn of course does not) would happen again in less than two decades.

“A Darker Shore” is a continuation of Evelyn’s story, and she has to face a number of challenges to both in her personal life and her life and an amateur-sleuth, who just happens upon a yet another dead body and can’t help but stick her nose well and truly into the mystery behind the murder. Readers, I hope, will notice an evolution in the character of Evelyn, as she strikes out and grows more independent and wily in some ways. Character development is, to me, the most important aspect when I read a novel, so it was critical to me to focus on that part during my writing process as well. I want readers to feel they know Evelyn, and care for her the way I do, hopefully eager to know what will do next and join her on many future journeys. “A Darker Shore” is the new addition to this series, but Lady Evelyn’s travels and adventures will continue, if she evades the dastardly killer, that is!

About the Author

malia-zaidiMalia Zaidi is the author of A POISONOUS JOURNEY. She attended the University of Pittsburgh, and studied at English at Oxford University. Having grown up in Germany, she currently lives in Washington DC, though through her love of reading, she resides, vicariously in countries throughout the world. A POISONOUS JOURNEY is her first book in the Lady Evelyn mysteries series. The sequel, A DARKER SHORE, is her latest novel.



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