The Story Behind Dominion by D.A. Hewitt

I was studying the psychoanalytical techniques of Carl Jung in my spare time, I got involved with developing process maps at work, a manufacturing facility. It occurred to me that consciousness is a process. I wondered why no one had bothered to map out the process, since all processes can be mapped, albeit some of these maps can be quite involved.

dominionThe Process Map of Consciousness was the result of my endeavors. And I thought, well, this is quite remarkable, and I should share it. But what would I do? Submit it to a journal? Psychology Today perhaps? I had some good venues, but because I don’t have a degree in psychology, I figured I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Who’d take seriously a psychological theory from a mathematics major?

And so I figured I’d write a novel that was designed to introduce the Process Map of Consciousness. Dominion is the result. It was quite difficult, though, to come up with a fast-paced science fiction novel that could stand on its own and without sounding too preachy. Although the map itself is not in the novel, I’ve posted it on my website,

With the novel, I found that the storyline played itself out without too much author intrusion. My focus was on developing the first rescue squad in space. What would their training be like? What kind of missions would such a rescue squad have in the year 2075, when the Moon has been colonized and travel to and from the Moon is commonplace?

My rescue squad had to be built from scratch. It is the first of its kind. And so I had my characters enter a “boot camp” that they had to successfully complete in order to make the rescue squad. This training included a lot of physical exercise, but there were also tricks they learned by studying the Process Map of Consciousness.

And of course, having the Moon declare independence from Earth and having the tactical military advantage of having the “high ground,” there is much conflict throughout! Without giving too much away, when Pope Pius XIII travels to the Moon to consecrate the Lunar See, an opportunity for my space rescue team, the Jungi Knights, and their ship, the Centurion Hawk, opens.

It’s an adventure you’ll not only enjoy reading, you’ll benefit from it.

About the Author

doug-hewittD.A. Hewitt is an award-winning author of four novels and over a hundred short stories. One novel was awarded a gold medal from the Independent Publishers Book Awards for best regional fiction. He attributes his success to hard work, honing a skill and providing an outlet for his passion for writing.

Born in Michigan, he lived for 25 years in North Carolina before returning to live in his home state. In addition to enjoying sky diving and mountain climbing, he is a proud veteran of the US Marine Corps and has earned a degree in mathematics.

Mr. Hewitt admits to a fascination with the work of Carl Jung and of the Gnostic religion. He’d always thought intertwining these topics in a science fiction novel was a stretch, but one day the storyline of Dominion came to him. He wrote the novel in a stream of consciousness. “It makes sense, tapping into the collective unconscious,” Mr. Hewitt says, “very much like Carl Jung might have predicted.”


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