The Story Behind Relationship Maintenance 4 Men by Alba Lewis

How many women stare across a glass of something alcoholic at their male friends and despair as they hear how their relationship is not going according to plan.  But as a woman how are you going to explain how easy it actually is to have a great relationship with a woman.  And that it has very little to do with money, and everything to do with action.

Irelationship-maintenance-4-men’ve been that woman for many decades now, trying to help by explaining how women function, fighting the easy option of the stereotype ‘well all women are this; all men are that’ and giving some classic next action guidance.  Inevitably I end up with the phrase ‘I’m not going to explain why, just do it and tell me if it works…. Oh, and don’t tell her I told you to do it, not even after it works.’

I love my male friends.  They are fun, empathetic and when they are in love they mean it. So why is it so hard to explain what a woman really wants?

The first thing always to concede to a man in love with a woman is that, yes, we are complicated.  Yes we are paradoxical.  So using logic is not going to find a way.  Only trial and error will give the man a chance to find the rhythm that works.

I’ve had success.  When a male friend has listened and just done what I’ve said, feedback is excellent.  And then I hear nothing until the next time the ‘issue’ has come to another peak.

I wrote this for all men who love their women and are prepared to just do what they are told (in the nicest possible way) and learn the rhythm rather than trying to figure it out.  The psychobabble has gone, the weekly practical action guide is here.

It is also written to kill the idea that to give or show a woman the depth of your love you have to spend a lot of money.  Why?  Because it’s not my own personal experience and it’s not the things I hear when women talk about their man when they describe something wonderful that he did for them.  It is rarely focused on high end sums of money – I’m not saying it’s not wonderful to be taken on a luxury weekend, but the value of that tends to be the surprise not the monetary value.

So the actions in the book require minimal if not no money investment at all.

The book begins with a survey conducted with over 100 women. It shows behind the screen what women say about the men. It’s the anecdotal proof for Part 2 of the book.

Part 2 of the book has twenty-one weeks of a specific action.  It’s as simple as that.  If the man chooses to try and understand why things change he can document the journey and see if the rhythm shows itself.

Why twenty one weeks?  Because this is over 6 months and is designed to create a habit, one that, because of the benefits that will be experienced, should therefore be welcomed and continued.  It is not a one off solution, but an ongoing lesson in intuition and feeling the rhythm.

It is an inexpensive book to allow all to participate in the understanding with a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

About the Author

alba-lewis-2Alba is an author, comedy podcaster, strategist in the not for profit center, a certified de bono effective thinker and many other things.  Curious about choices and life situations Alba’s books offer the reader a chance to enter fictional and her factional worlds to have fun, encounter themselves, and perhaps even recognise the chances to change.

Her latest book is the self-help book, Relationship Maintenance 4 Men.

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