The Story Behind The Mirror Said You’re Be-You-Tiful by Austiage

The inspiration for my book came from the most extraordinary scenario, it was during a visit to the Children’s hospital I met a girl named Julianne who proposed the question “When you look in the mirror does it tell you you’re ugly?” I remember being instantly taken aback that such a young and beautiful girl was asking such a question. I instantly responded “Of course not the mirror always tells you you’re beautiful.” But Julianne was not convinced and from there we began to chat I shared my experiences the good and the bad. I shared with her what I had learned through living my life in both the public eye as well as out. It was captivating and beautiful because my conversation with Julianne reminded me of those that I often have and had with my Mother sitting on the kitchen countertop and just chatting about anything and everything. Julianne and I’s conversation had a level of authenticity and consideration that is rare in todays society. Finally a few hours after chatting our conversation came to an end and as I got up to leave Julianne asked me if I had a mirror, so I gave her my compact that I always kept in my purse she looked in the mirror and said “Now I see it the mirror does say you’re beautiful.” In that moment a sentence clicked for me, and it was the mirror said you’re beyoutiful. But instead of spelling beautiful the traditional way I chose to spell it beyoutiful to represent that one will only feel beautiful when you decide to be no one but yourself. Knowing that my conversation with Julianne had an impact beyond what I could have ever imagined led to want to share that conversation with more people, so I thought what better way to do so then to write a book. My conversation with Julianne left me inspired and it was in that instant and all that followed. I broke down and analyzed my conversation with Julianne and figured out how to translate that authenticity, warmth, and impact to paper. Five months latter my book The Mirror Said You’re BeYouTiful was a completed manuscript.

About the Author

Austiage-Nastia Soleimani photographed at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, DC July 14, 2017.

Austiage is a former national-level champion fencer who was born in Washington, DC. She speaks seven languages, attended American University, and is the founder of the Star Individuality Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports youths in developing their unique individuality. Her book The Mirror Said, “You’re Be-You-Tiful” explores the societal pressures that many people are faced with today and offers a game plan for nurturing individuality and owning one’s beauty.

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