The Story Behind The Adventures of Mitee Mite by David John

My inspiration for my Mitee Mite books was my daughter, Ava. I call her “the little mite” going back now to when she played Mite hockey years ago now. I have dedicated all of my Mitee Mite books and their apps to Ava. Mitee Mite is a young female superhero who learns lessons about dates and times, manners, measurements and business basics too.

When my wife Heather and I were awaiting Ava’s arrival in the world, I asked myself “what can I teach her to learn some basic things she will need like how to tell time?” which first became the genesis of the Mitee Mite book The Time Frame Game and opened the entire series of my Mitee Mite books – – The Measuring Game, The Money Game, The Shape Game and the Time Frame Game Advanced. Like many superheros, Mitee Mite has a “sidekick” and his name is Terry the Ticker who makes sure  she is always punctual, on time, for all of her adventures they explore together.

Inspired…I gave my superhero girl powers that activate when she uses manners in the form of words and phrases such as “thank you,” “please” and “you’re welcome.” Her powers become frozen when she fails to remember to show her manners, which can lead to trouble for my little superhero.

I think another element in desire to create the Mitee Mite books is that when children enter kindergarten and first grade many of them are way behind in the most basic of life skills like how to tell time and time management. My Mitee Mite books aim to teach all of these life skills in a way that is both fun and instructional. Mitee Mite always goes on fun adventures while  learning and also showing valuable life skills.

I think my Mitee Mite series is pretty unique in today’s children’s book marketplace, which was yet another inspirational push I felt to create the series. We have never seen anything being offered anywhere like our Mitee Mite series, so that in itself is personally fulfilling and rewarding. We also want to help other parents as they raise their kids and Mitee Mite will be a tool future generations can use was we update the series in the future to keep time with the changes. I also plan other areas to explore with the Mitee Mite books, but that is now for disclosure right now until the concepts are fully developed.

About the Author

David John is the author of The Adventures of Mitee Mite book and app series. The series follows the adventures of superhero Mitee Mite and her sidekick, Terry the Ticker. The five titles in the series are The Time Frame Game (Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-0-2; Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-6-4), The Measuring Game (Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-2-6), The Money Game (Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-4-0), The Shape Game (Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-3-3), and The Time Frame Game Advanced (Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9860919-5-7). Complementary apps for each book are available on Google Play and iTunes.  The companion song is available at the website:

David lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife and daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing hockey, and creating new stories for The Adventures of Mitee Mite book and app series.



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