The Story Behind Imagine That by Tamara Dorris

I’ve always been a fan/reader of personal and spiritual development books. About 15 years ago I discovered that neuroscience and quantum physics were pretty much proving what the spiritual, religious, and metaphysical teachings have been telling us all along. I wanted to write a down-to-earth book that helped people gain greater control over their lives using these principles. However, I didn’t want to write another generic law of attraction or how to change your brain book, so I incorporated some humor and wit to make it more easy and fun to read.

What really inspired this book, at this time, is in all my years of teaching and coaching and writing self-help books, people seem to be feeling less in control of their lives than ever. At the end of the day, it’s our thoughts and the emotions they provoke that truly cause and create our reality. That used to kind of be a new age-y statement, but now we know, through neuroscience, that the pathways in our brains and our reticular activator systems do indeed “show” us the reality we’ve got programmed in our heads. And of course, quantum physics supports that we can affect matter merely by observing it.

The secret—not that it’s really a hush-hush kind of secret—is to take the time each day to tune out of the reality you’ve already created and are living in every day, so that you can tap into your imagination and create whatever improved conditions that you think might tickle your fancy. This should be fun and light work. It should be relaxed an enjoyable. Why we refuse to find closed-eyed quiet time each day is beyond me, especially when it’s so delicious, but I suspect it’s because we tend to stay connected to our worry-wart minds about all the things that may not be working perfectly instead of slipping into the blank canvas that is our imagination.

We have to remember that our imaginations are our playgrounds. We have the right and the gift of this beautiful ability which enables us to create any kind of existence we’d like. Then when we add upbeat emotion and positive expectation, things begin to manifest in our external worlds. The trick is though, that we have to disconnect from that very same outer world consistently enough to create in our inner one.

And that is my passion and purpose for this new book.

About the Author

Tamara Lee Dorris, MA, is the author of 19 books, a long-time coach, consultant, and adjunct college professor. She’s spent the past few decades studying and sharing ways that people can live more fulfilling, fun, and effective lives. She’s also an avid yogi, podcaster, and wine-lover, committed to inspiring as many people as she can. Tamara holds degrees in psychology and communications, is a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, too.

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