The Story Behind Miss Behave by Traci Highland

Inspiration for the book?  Oh, darlings, that is a fairly simple story.  One day I was at Starbucks, yes, I suffer from an affliction in that I simply must have a latte everytime someone even says the name Starbucks. It’s trying, truly.  Anyhow, I was drinking my coffee when I overheard the conversation of a mother explaining to her friend about how she just can’t relate to her daughter.  The friend gave some advice that was just awful.

And so, I thought about it for a bit and thought of what Dear Abbey might have said, and then voila, the idea for the book came into being.  It took some trial and error before I hashed out the details, but the basics, like the horrible advice column and the focus on the mother-daughter miscommunication, was born.

The path for publishing was a funny one.  I had three agents fight over it.  I chose one and we shopped it around, only to find that the book straddled the line between romance and women’s fiction and no one knew where to put it.  I didn’t want to lose the romance or the mother-daughter angle, so in the end, I self-published it.

Self-publishing is not at all what I am used to, since I’ve been traditionally published under another name, but I find I quite like it.

About the Author

Traci Highland writes funny books for sassy ladies.  She is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and has a Master’s from Quinnipiac University.  She uses this education to write books, bake cakes, garden and make homemade jams.  Her children say she’s bossy, her husband says she’s high-maintenance, but the dog thinks she’s perfect.





About the Book:

She’s great at giving advice, too bad she never takes it…

Piper Anderson wants to be a serious journalist at a serious paper covering serious news. Instead, she’s stuck at the Pendleton Falls Herald, where her massive investigative skills are wasted penning the paper’s advice column, Miss Behave.

Her shot at a meaty story comes when she’s assigned to write up a profile of a local business, Brookes Jewelers. She is determined to write the piece so she can use the article to impress a real paper.

Unfortunately Hunter Brookes, co-owner of Brookes Jewelers and the Pendleton Falls Herald, is rather persistent, in his own hot little way, that the piece should be nothing more than a glorified sales pitch.

But when diamonds disappear, Piper may get the chance to do a real investigation, leading her to confront family secrets and worst of all, turn to her mother for help.

Piper soon realizes that there is more to Mr. Brookes than a tight ass and a ridiculous fascination with name tags. Together they deal with roasted pigs, crazy cat ladies, and gun-toting fashionistas.

In all the chaos, they just might find the one thing that neither one was looking for: true love.




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