The Story Behind Aren’t the Emperor’s New Clothes Grand by Philip M. Fishman

My book is non-fiction; so you might say that the story behind the book is me.  I am self-described as a political junkie; and that dates back to my early years.  I recall after just turning nine, betting a nickel on the Truman- Dewey election.  Although I lost, that did not deter me from my interest in politics; for I was at again four years later when my man, “Ike” won, and then a repeat in 1956.  Finally, in 1960, I was old enough to vote; and since then, I had been voting straight Republican for national office until November of 2016. However, my decision to write this book actually came more than a year earlier.  It was during the first of the Republican Presidential debates in August 2015, when Trump refused to pledge his support to the eventual nominee that the thought crossed my mind.  Shortly thereafter, I wasn’t sure if I was angrier at Trump or the Republican National Committee for not banning him from further debates.  It was clear that the chairman and the rest of the committee had been intimidated by Trump’s threat; but there was nothing I could do about it.  At the time, I seriously doubted that Trump could win, or for that matter, even be nominated; but I thought his motive was to help his good friend’s wife win by fracturing the Republican Party.  Even now, I think that was the original motive; which changed over the course of the campaign.  By early October, I had lots of notes and was adding daily with every Trump speech and tweet.  The only question in my mind was the form the book would take.  I remember thinking hard on it for a couple of days; and then it came to me.  It was so obvious, I wondered why I had to ponder on it.  It was to be a satirical critique.  To me, The idea of Trump as President was a sick joke.  And what makes it truly pathetic, is that his cult refuses to acknowledge any of his contradictions.  Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes struck me as the perfect tie in.

About the Author

At 79, Philip M. Fishman has a dual role since his wife’s stroke ten years ago.  The main one is as a caregiver; but when he is not busy with her, he is a writer.

He loves to blog on Face Book; but he has also self-published four books.  The first was a memoir of a brief teaching career after retirement, titled, Teacher’s Gotta Dance.  The second was a rebuttal to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  His title is A Really Inconvenient Truth- The Case Against the Theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming.  For that book, he relied on his scientific background as well as a lot of research.  His third was a near future political novel, titled, Secession- A Republic Reborn.  Several sub-plots include the subject of his previous book as well as some innovative approaches to dealing with Islamic terrorism, our drug problem, immigration, and tax reform.  His latest is his most controversial of all, titled, Aren’t the Emperor’s New Clothes GrandIt’s a    

satirical critique of our President and is a take-off of Hans Cristian Andersen’s fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes.  The reference is to Trump’s cult-like following, which seemingly ignores all his lies and broken promises.  Fishman gives an iron-clad guarantee that if you like Trump; you will hate his book.



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