The Story Behind Vienna’s Will by Mark McCullough

I started writing VIENNA’S WILL over twenty years ago but never had the courage to tell my whole story. I believe facing the Vienna's Willpast and all the emotions it stirs up is a difficult task for all of us. I know for me, it took a life threatening illness well into my 40’s to finally get me to speak up even if it meant feeling ashamed and even some senseless, misguided guilt about what had happened. Topics like child abuse, depression and suicide are not subjects that flow easily for anyone, if they are part of your life story it becomes near impossible to even acknowledge them let alone discuss openly. Putting it down on paper for all to see seemed insurmountable. Nonetheless, I made a deal with myself after I got sick that I would share only with my family what had happened in my childhood years that made me the type of person I am. After writing it all out and sharing it with them, I felt relieved and somehow empowered. I realized there was no reason to hide from what had happened. Actually, I came to the conclusion that by opening up and exposing incidents and events I once thought I would forever keep locked up inside me had made me stronger, both mentally and emotionally. When that happened, I thought maybe by sharing my story with others, they too may come to the same conclusion and share in the same liberation I felt. I decided not only would I stand up to the past, I would fight it, and I would win. It could no longer control me, and the idea of helping others in their quest to do the same inspires me each and every day. Exposing myself in that way still scares me to this day, and I’m sure to some extent it always will, but putting everything done on paper was the hardest yet wisest thing I have ever done. By reading VIENNA’S WILL I hope others will be inspired to do the same.


Mark McCulloughMark McCullough is the author of the true story, VIENNA’S WILL. He began writing his story over twenty years ago and was encouraged by family and friends to complete the book. “Since its release, I have bonded with others who have had similar experiences and have found that the concept of perhaps helping someone else is not only an amazing feeling, it has helped with my own growth and understanding of what is truly important as well.”

Mark worked in the pool and spa industry for eighteen years then turned to his true passion of helping others. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys spending time with his dog and going to the movies or the local pizza joint with his daughter, Vienna.

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